Fortnite: DreamHack Anaheim Day 1 Results

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Fortnite: DreamHack Anaheim Day 1 Results

DreamHack Anaheim is underway, and heat one produced the first 200 semifinalists.

Fortnite players flooded the Anaheim Convention Center for day one of the DreamHack Anaheim Fortnite Open. Nearly 1,200 competitors from all across the globe put their skills to the test. Although DreamHack did not provide an official stream, many players broadcasted their gameplay and others hosted viewing parties. As the day drew to a close, we saw many familiar names atop the leaderboard. Keep in mind that only the top 200 players from each heat will qualify for the semi-finals. Amidst alleged fires and internet dropouts, let’s see who advanced on day one of DreamHack Anaheim.

Day One/Blue Heat Results

The scoreboard for the blue heats at DreamHack Anaheim showing Mr Savage in first place.Image via  DreamHack

100 Thieves’ newest member, MrSavage, played out of his mind on day one of the DreamHack Anaheim competition. The fifteen-year-old Norwegian phenom achieved 518 points over the maximum of 10 matches. This performance included two Victory Royale and an average of 3.8 eliminations per game. Arguably NA West’s best controller player, wavyjacob, spent much of the day either in the lead or contending for it. He managed 497 points and one Victory Royale across nine matches. Plalism rounded out the top three with a total of 494 points.

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Other notable names in the top ten include NA West players, Thomuss and Liquid Riversan, and Duo World Cup runner-up, Wolfiez. The top 200 qualified for the semi-finals out of the first heat. Nearly every region saw a player advance to the next round.

NA East

  • Ghost Bizzle – 14th Place
  • SEN Animal – 17th Place
  • FaZe Dubs – 23rd Place
  • 100T Grandmateets – 24th Place
  • Vanguard Calculator – 40th Place
  • OT Inspyre – 50th Place
  • MRKN Av – 53rd Place
  • Envy Bucke – 98th Place
  • RS clarityG – 120th Place
  • Bumpaah – 127th Place
  • SEN HighSky – 138th Place
  • Khanada – 154th Place
  • SEN Carose – 164th Place
  • thwifo – 186th Place

NA West

  • Ghost Saf – 28th Place
  • Psalm – 32nd Place
  • 100T Arkhram – 33rd Place
  • NRG EpikWhale – 57th Place
  • Toff – 67th Place
  • Liquid Cented – 72nd Place
  • 100T Rehx – 77th Place
  • 100T Falconer – 81st Place
  • Tavern – 84th Place


  • Zino – 11th Place
  • NRG benjyfishy – 21st Place
  • MCES Andilex – 39th Place
  • BL Anas – 73rd Place
  • Atlantis Kaxie – 90th Place
  • Umplify – 93rd Place
  • Vitality BadSnpR – 149th Place
  • TSM Crue – 181st Place

Other Regions

  • RNG Jynx (OCE) – 12th Place
  • RNG Rel (OCE) – 56th Place
  • C9 blackoutZ (BRZ) – 64th Place
  • RepulseGod (OCE) – 106th Place
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Looking Ahead to Day Two

Feel free to visit the official leaderboards to see the full list of players who are moving on to the next round. Another four-hour heat will take place on Saturday before the semi-finals from 2 PM to 5 PM local time in California. Several players, including Clix, UnknownArmy, Edgey and Zayt, did not qualify for semis and will have one more chance to do so.

Despite some minor setbacks, DreamHack Anaheim brought an impressive amount of professional Fortnite players out for the $30K USD grand prize. On day two, another 200 players will advance to the semifinals. Those 400 semifinalists will then widdle themselves down to 100 for the finals. Qualified players from day one can rest assured that they have secured a spot in the semis, but there is still a long way to go.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for continued coverage of the DreamHack Anaheim event.

Image via Adam Antor / ESPAT Media

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