Former FNCS Champs Queasy and Hen Split

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Former FNCS Champs Queasy and Hen Split

Two of Chapter 3’s top players are looking for a new duos partner after Queasy and Hen part ways.

Queasy and Hen are two players who have had a run of fantastic results in Europe for Fortnite. They’ve proven themselves to be one of the best duos out there, especially in Chapter 3. It looks like their partnership hasn’t held up though. This week we’ve seen that.

Queasy is looking for a new duos partner, effectively meaning the team has likely split.

Splits like this could have repercussions for the upcoming FNCS Invitational. More immediately, though, there are going to be two duos in upcoming Europe tournaments boasting a previous FNCS winner.

Queasy and Hen Split

Queasy and Hen have the rare honor of being FNCS champs already in Season 3. In the Chapter 3 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series, the duo took home first place. This was after a very strong run of results in Cash Cups and other tournaments earlier in the season. In the new Duos format, they were two of the players to beat and watch in the Europe region.

They’ve been called one of the best duos in this Chapter, especially in the first two chapters.

Queasy and Hen’s results more recently haven’t been quite as strong, but they’re still some top players in the region. They took some Cash Cups in the early season and decent placements at the earlier FNCS qualifiers.

In the Grand Finals for Season 2, they didn’t quite get the top spot. Queasy and Hen haven’t yet joined the rare roster of players to win back-to-back FNCS. However, they did manage to grab 8th place in the Grand Finals, which is nothing to balk at.

Drops have become a bit of a problem for them. However, even when dropping at contested POIs, the Duo had consistently strong showings.

After the last two seasons of high finishes, a split probably wasn’t expected from most fans. Although, it does look like both players are going to be on the lookout for new partners.

Earlier this week, Hen tweeted this:


LFD, or looking for a duo, signals pretty firmly that he won’t be competing solidly with Queasy for a while.

What Do Splits Mean for Invitationals?

The recent split between Queasy and Hen might have some complications for the upcoming invitational FNCS event. They’re not the only Duo in this position, either. Typically, changing a Duos partner isn’t a huge drama in Fortnite. Players move around fairly frequently. However, invitationals pose a bit of a concern there.

We don’t know the exact rules for who is being invited to the FNCS Invitational, but FNCS winners are almost sure to be on the list. If Duos are no longer playing together, they might have to reorganize for the latter half of the year. Presumably, being invited as a Duo will mean that the players will have to slot back into that team if they want to compete. Having skipped a chapter together, though, it might put these players at a disadvantage.

These kinds of things are probably going to pop up more as we have more LANs coming back and larger-scale invitationals. It’s just another area where Fortnite’s unique approach to esports structure can make things complicated. The other side of this, though, is that fans will get to see a legendary Duo back in action at the invitational. That’s definitely worth a bit of hype.

Former FNCS Champs Queasy and Hen Split
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