For The King 2 Unlockable Classes Guide

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For The King 2 Unlockable Classes Guide

Here are all the For The King 2 Unlockable Classes and how to get them.

For The King 2 has been out for a couple of days now and if you're looking to get the most out of a single or multiplayer experience you've probably been looking into unlocking all its classes. Here is our little guide on everything you need to know about them and you get them.

For The King 2 Unlockable Classes and How to Get Them

From the Start

  • Blacksmith – Available from the Start
  • Herbalist – Available from the Start
  • Hunter Available from the Start
  • Scholar – Available from the Start
  • Stablehand Available from the Start

Chapter 1

  • Alchemist – Is unlocked in the Chapter 1 quest The Resistance. Here you're asked to find a broken-down prison transport somewhere on the map. Locate it, defeat all the enemies, and talk to the NPC which will then unlock the class for you.
  • Farmer – The Farmer Class is unlocked by playing through the first Chapter of For the King 2.
  • Pathfinder – This Class is also unlocked by finishing the first Chapter of the game.

Chapter 2

  • Friar – The Friar class is unlocked by completing all the Main Missions of the second Chapter.
  • Shepard – The Shepard is unlocked once by completing the second Chapter.
  • Woodcutter – Similar to the Alchemist, this class is unlocked by finding a prison transport as a random encounter somewhere on the map. Find it, defeat all the enemies, and talk to the person trapped inside to unlock the class.
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Chapter 3

  • Hobo – the Hobo is unlocked in the same way you unlock the Woodcutter and the Alchemist. Somewhere on the Chapter 3 map, you can find a transport that has broken down somewhere. Clear out all the enemies in the general area and you can claim the class afterwards.
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And the Easy Way

Want to jump into multiplayer will all the classes unlocked already? There's an easy way to work around by editing your savefile. Don't worry it's pretty easy and shouldn't cause any problems.

First, find the installation folder of For the King 2. For that, you either right-click it in your Steam Libary Manage > Browse Local Files or locate your steamapps/common on the hard drive you've saved the game on.

Now you open For The King II_Data >​​​​​​​ Steaming Assets > Assets >​​​​​​​ Configs > JSON~ (or steamapps/common/For The King II_Data/Steaming Assets/Assets/Configs/JSON~) and find the LoreStore.json and open it by using Notepad.

Next, you want to scroll down the list of all the classes and change the “Default State”: -1, to “Default State”: 1, and don't remove the semicolon.

Save, exit, and should now be able to select every Class from the start.

And that sums it up. For more in gaming check out our features site such as everything you need to know ahead of the release of Super Mario RPG Remake or how Sony's new patent will affect the way we experience gaming content in the future.

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For The King 2 Unlockable Classes Guide
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