Fnatic Signs New Botlane Before the Start of the LEC Summer Split

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Fnatic Signs New Botlane Before the Start of the LEC Summer Split

Fnatic Signs New Botlane in place of star player Rekkles and not-so-rookie Advienne in order to perform better in the Summer Split.

Next Saturday marks the beginning of the 2023 Summer LEC Split! The 10 teams return to the LEC Studio in Berlin to compete for another set of superweeks, before the 8 best teams proceed to the Group Stage – and by the Playoffs, only 4 of them will remain.

Fnatic Signs New Botlane Featured image

Fnatic was one of the first teams to fluke out from the competition in the first ever Winter Split of the LEC. While they managed to recuperate after swapping out Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen for Óscar“ Oscarinin Munoz Jiménez and Rúben “Rhuckz” Barbosa for Henk “Advienne” Reijenga, making it to the Group Stage of the LEC, they came in last place after suffering a 1-2 defeat at the hands of MAD Lions. Obviously, this didn’t satisfy the team, with the community expecting another set of changes in the roster of the oldest organisation in European League of Legends.

Fnatic signs new botlane, hopefully ending their streak of bad luck

Just a week before the start of the Summer Split, Fnatic have finally revealed their new lineup, where they only made two changes – both of them in the botlane. The 2019 Worlds finalist team have said goodbye to Advienne and their star player, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson as well (who swapped to Support from ADC in the break) to bring in a familiar face alongside a complete newbie in terms of LEC experience: Oh “Noah” Hyeon-taek and Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus alongside Oscarinin, Iván “Razork” Martín Díazn and Marek “Humanoid” Brázda.

Fnatic Signs New Botlane Trymbi

Of course, fans of the LEC will know the name of Trymbi, the now former captain of KOI, the team which was known as Rogue before merging with the Spanish organisation. The 22-year-old Pole have played for many different Academy and ERL teams, including G2 Heretics, the Academy team of G2 before it was called G2 Arctic, and SK Gaming Prime. He joined AGO ROGUE at the start of the 2020 Summer Ultraliga split, after which he won the 2020 Summer EU Masters with his teammates. He got promoted to Rogue at the start of the 2021 Spring Split, but had to wait more than a year for his first LEC title despite having great runs in the Regular Seasons. He played in the 2021 and 2022 League of Legends World Championship, and stayed on the team after Rogue turned into KOI – but even though they finished 3rd in the Winter Playoffs, they couldn’t perform as well as they did in 2022, so the paths of KOI and Trymbi have ended.

Thankfully, he found his new home in Fnatic, same as Noah, the 21-year-old ADC prospect from Korea. Noah started his professional career back in 2018, but he didn’t manage to stick until 2020, when he joined the Academy team of KT Rolster on the LCK. Noah and KT.A won the 2020 LCK Academy Split November, then had some nice performances in the LCK Challengers League in the last two years. The Korean Marksman transferred to Europe at the start of this year, joining Zero Tenacity to play in the Ultraliga, where he and his teammates won both the Regular Season and the Playoffs of Ultraliga Season 9. Sadly, they got knocked out from the EMEA Masters Spring Event almost immediately, so Noah didn’t really have a chance to show his prowess. However, he made up for the poor EMEA event in SoloQ, as he was Rank 1 in the EU West server for a while. Of course, that’s not why Fnatic signed him, but more because of the fact that he had some incredible performance on picks such as Zeri, Caitlyn and Aphelios in the Ultraliga, and he was the best ADC of the Polish ERL.

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Fnatic Signs New Botlane Noah

Noah and Trymbi will join Razork, Oscarinin and Humanoid in the Summer Split, where they will have to face the strongest teams of the EMEA region – who also fine-tuned their rosters coming into the last split of the LEC in 2023. While Trymbi and Noah seem like a promising duo, Oscarinin still felt shaky in the Spring Spilt (although he improved a lot towards the end of Fnatic’s run), and Humanoid and Razork are still not a very synergistic duo, even if they are incredible players separately. However, it seems like Fnatic doesn’t want to change the topside of their team before the end of the year – but they still aim for the 2023 Worlds as one of the most prestigious team of the EMEA region. We will see if the changes to the roster were enough, or if Fnatic will remain a team that can barely make it to the middle of the rankings.

The new roster of Fnatic is:

  • Oscarinin
  • Razork
  • Humanoid
  • Noah
  • Trymbi

The 2023 LEC Summer Split is almost upon us, so don’t forget to follow ESTNN to keep up with all the news regarding the strongest league of the EMEA region!