Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

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Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

Fnatic rose the ranks in this week's round-robin, surpassing G2 Esports in the LEC Summer Split Bo1 stage.

Fnatic is having an impressive run in this year's Summer split. The tournament is currently in its best-of-one (or ‘Bo1') round-robin stage, and for two weeks, Oscarinin and co. haven't lost a single game. While they haven't gone up against G2 or BDS yet, this win streak is spelling good things for future competitions.

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How Fnatic Went 5-0 in Summer LEC

Smarter Team Composition

Fnatic picked champs they were confident in while the rest of the LEC played with experimental comps. The choices you make in the draft determine if you win or lose the match. And in Fnatic's case, they made relatively safe choices while simultaneously pressuring the strongest players on each enemy team.

While GIANTX played AP Varus mid, Razork focused on countering their strongest engage champ with Ivern. Humanoid also showed up with unpredictable picks that flipped between utility champs and dangerous damage carries.

Their ability to adapt to the enemy also shows; a quality that wasn't as polished until the latter half of 2023. We saw this last week when RGE Markoon hoped to emulate Canyon's Nidalee. As a response, Fnatic's Jungler Yoon “Jun” Se-jun quickly buried his early-game potential by helping their botlaner secure picks.

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Jun's pivot in the laning phase turned the tide and stole away Rogue's early-game control. And it paid off when Fnatic stood victorious, no doubt a lesson he learned spending months in scrims.

Despite their discipline, Oscarinin and his team can still focus on a single enemy in champ select to secure a win. Just last weekend, we saw the rest of Fnatic respond with three engage champs to counter Larssen's Azir, a choice that won them their latest Bo1.

Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

Noah's Botlane Dominance

Botlane volatility is currently the cornerstone of the global meta. And Fnatic's is looking more lethal than ever. This is thanks to Oh “Noah” Hyeon-taek, who has been the guy to beat on their current roster.

Despite a limited champ pool, the Korean ADC plays to them devastating effect while staying deathless during most of the match. He may not play the most mobile champs, but with Jun close behind, the duo has the potential to take Fnatic far in the domestic league.

FNC Noah Summer Split KDA

  • FNC vs SK: 5/1/8
  • FNC vs RGE: 9/0/3
  • FNC vs VIT: 3/0/9
  • FNC vs GX: 9/2/5
  • FNC vs KC: 5/1/4

Historically, eyes have always been on Humanoid or veteran player Rekkles when Fnatic was involved. But with enemy focus now split between “Uma” and Noah, Fnatic's going to have even better playmaking potential overall.

Fnatic's Cross-Map Pressure

Fnatic's revitalized teamplay is bolstered by their Jungler and Toplaner working in tandem to protect Noah. This, combined with the amount of carry champs Humanoid and co. plays make them a formidable team.

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Fnatic's Jungler was also relentless in their uphill fight against SK Gaming. Despite Razork's score, his Xin Zhao weaved in and out of the final 3v3, landing stuns and giving Humanoid's Hwei enough time to proc his damage passive and decide the match.

Oscar “Oscarinin” Jimenez has slowly moved away from K'Sante to focus on engage champs like Ornn and Zac. This new approach makes him more versatile on the Rift while making the best out of objective skirmishes. That said, his expertise on Aatrox and Olaf is still there. So Fnatic's opponents will probably stay guessing until the team suffers their first loss in Summer.

Final Thoughts

Fnatic's fantastic botlane duo is their greatest strength. But even if they falter, their midlane-jungler combo picks up the slack in more ways than one. All in all, the Spanish team know how to zone. And if they continue to put a steel wall around their scaling ADC, it'll take a world-class talent to take them down.

While their macroplay is scrappy compared to their Spring performance, Fnatic is certainly holding the reins in the LEC this split. They've maintained their momentum for two straight weeks. And even if they almost lost two of their games, there's still time for a few adjustments before they start going up against the LEC's poster boys.

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