FM 24 Takeovers Guide: Can You Trigger a Takeover in Football Manager 2024?

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FM 24 Takeovers Guide: Can You Trigger a Takeover in Football Manager 2024?

A takeover can turn the fortune of your team overnight in Football Manager 2024, so find out how FM 24 takeovers work

Financial takeovers can be a godsend for a struggling club. Recently, we witnessed Newcastle United's remarkable transformation from a relegation battler to a Champions League contender following a takeover by Saudi Arabian investors. Football Manager 2024 impeccably replicates the real-life operations of a football club, making takeovers a potential lifeline for your FM 24 team. Do you want to know how to get a takeover in Football Manager? In this article, find out everything you need to know about FM 24 takeovers.

FM 24 Takeovers: How Do They Work?

Just like in real life, takeovers in Football Manager 2024 are about as rare as finding a pot of gold. These magical moments do happen, but trust us, they're like winning the lottery. Not every underperforming team gets bailed out by a deep-pocketed investor, so don't expect Football Manager 2024 takeovers to be an everyday affair. FM 24 considers factors like club performance, owner age, and how much the owner really, really loves the club before granting your club a makeover with a takeover.

When the club you manage in Football Manager undergoes a change of ownership in real life, chances are you'll also witness this change in the latest FM update. That’s why Newcastle United managers got frequent takeover requests when Mike Ashley put the club up for sale.

In Football Manager, a team can get a variety of takeovers:

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Internal Takeover

Internal takeovers occur when another board member dethrones the current head of your club. This is expected to be a straightforward transition with minimal effects on your transfer and wage budgets. The club's objectives, both immediate and long-term ones, will stay mostly the same.

Fan Group Takeover

Fan group takeovers are mostly seen in lower leagues, where financial resources are limited. These fan-led initiatives seldom involve exceedingly wealthy people, resulting in a scenario where fan group takeovers typically do not infuse substantial funds into the club. Instead, their emphasis lies in the development of young players, curbing the trend of extravagant spending on high-profile signings.

Native Consortium

Typically spearheaded by local entrepreneurs, native consortiums are also common in lower leagues. Compared to a fan group takeover, this consortium is endowed with greater financial resources to inject into the club. They come with a more ambitious approach and often alter the transfer policy to prioritize signing players in their prime with a solid reputation to enhance the club’s profile.

Foreign Consortium

FM 24 Takeovers Guide: Can You Trigger a Takeover in Football Manager 2024?

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Foreign consortiums are similar to native consortiums, but they operate with a larger financial scope. These international groups set their sights on clubs with a favorable reputation, and their expectations are notably higher, reflecting their willingness to make significant financial commitments.

Tycoon Takeovers

Looking for a takeover that brings serious money for top-tier signings? A tycoon takeover is the jackpot you are after, then. Similar to the paths taken by Manchester City and PSG, this type of takeover involves owners pumping substantial money into the club each season. The result? You get access to limitless funds. Brace yourself for high demands, however, as consistent league and Champions League titles will be expected within a few seasons.

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How to Get FM 24 Takeovers?

Unfortunately, FM 24 takeovers are few and far between. What’s even more frustrating is that there is no way to trigger a takeover in Football Manager 2024 manually. The manager has minimal control over this transformative process, as the decision rests entirely in the hands of the board above. The dynamics of a takeover can take a toll on managerial stability, with the added risk of facing termination if newly instated board members demand immediate results and express dissatisfaction with the current performance.

FM 24 Takeovers Guide: Can You Trigger a Takeover in Football Manager 2024?
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