FlyQuest 2024 LCS Preview

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FlyQuest 2024 LCS Preview

Will 2024 be a better year for FlyQuest? Or will history repeat itself for a second consecutive season?

New ownership, the best talent in the region, and some of the best minds in the game behind them, 2023 was indeed a fantastic year for the FlyQuest organization, right? You would be greatly mistaken. For FlyQuest fans, 2023 hit like a truck, and are now afraid, hoping 2024 does not share the same fate. After a solid spring split, FlyQuest came into the summer split with high hopes, further strengthening their star-studded roster with the addition of Philippe “VULCAN” Laflamme. Things, however, did not go so well; FlyQuest… got worse. FLY had an abysmal start to the season and left themselves with too much to do to secure one of the eight playoff spots, finishing in ninth place with only Immortals having a worse record.

Moving into 2024, FlyQuest made some much-needed changes and now looks to go again with another top-tier roster. ESTNN will look at the players FlyQuest has brought in and how this roster stacks up with the rest of the league.

FlyQuest Is Going Big In 2024

Usually, when an organization spends a lot of money on a super team, and the super team fails, they revert to a “budget” formula to cut costs. Many could argue this is what FlyQuest has done this year, but they have adopted their approach and are still looking like one of the heavy hitters going into the 2024 season.  Starting in the top lane, this is, in my opinion, the best option FlyQuest could have picked up in the top lane in Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau. Bwipo is an astounding player and is hungry to return to the big stage where he belongs. Paired with Bwipo on the top is former Evil Geniuses Jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma. This is already approaching super team territory, picking up arguably the best jungler in the league when he is at his best.

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The veteran presence of both Bwipo and Inspired meant FlyQuest could look to incorporate some younger talent onto the roster. This is precisely what they did, promoting Fahad “Massu” Abdulmalek from their challengers program. FLY paired this exciting rookie with another prospect, Alan “Busio” Cwalina, entering his sophomore year in the LCS after a decent showing in his debut year. It will be interesting to see how the young bot lane gets on. Massu isn't a player who shies away from demanding resources, and FlyQuest must have faith in their academy talent to put the ball in their hands.

The most surprising offseason acquisition for FlyQuest is Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen. For a player of Jensen's caliber, he should be on a roster like this and not on the Dignitas roster he was given in 2023. Jensen may not be the player he once was when he was rivaling for the top spot in the league, but he is serviceable to this FlyQuest roster and should not need any extra motivation to try and get back to his best. We may see Jensen fall in line similar to his final split on Cloud9, being that rock in the mid lane on supportive champions that will help Massu and Inspired get the job done.

FlyQuest LCS 2024 Predictions

I expect FlyQuest to be at both “championship weekends,” but whether they will have enough to topple NRG or Cloud9 remains to be seen. But at the bare minimum, the top side for FlyQuest is incredible, and fans should not be looking to say, “Anything is better than last year.” Fans should believe in this roster, as they have a legitimate shot at going for the top honors in the LCS.

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