Flair with Finesse: How to Flair Shot in EA FC 24

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Flair with Finesse: How to Flair Shot in EA FC 24

Learn how to flair shot in EA FC 24 and leave your opponents in awe

You might be familiar with all the basic moves, but how about injecting some style into your EA FC 24 gameplay? While a standard volley and finish might get the job done, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of rendering the opposition's goalkeeper helpless with a Scorpion Kick or a no-look finish. You're in the right place to learn how to do a flair shot in EA FC 24 and add a touch of stardust to the virtual pitch. It will come in handy to complete certain challenges or humiliate your buds during your EA FC sessions.

What is a Flair Shot in EA FC 24?

Flair shots are a special gameplay feature in EA FC 24, which allows you to execute some skillful shots. It could be a beautiful Rabona or a fierce bicycle kick that takes the goalkeeper by surprise.

Flair with Finesse: How to Flair Shot in EA FC 24

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These special tricks make the game even more fun! We must tell you, however, that flair shots are less accurate than conventional attempts, but sometimes, that’s a compromise you won’t mind. You can afford to go for them when you are a few goals up or have an open net in front of you. Don’t try to dazzle when you are chasing a match-winning goal or an equalizer.

How to Flair Shot in EA FC 24?

Timing is everything for flair shots! Hold LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) to add flair to your shots. When you do this, the game instructs your player to perform a flair shot. Then, press the B button (Xbox) or the Circle button (PlayStation) and watch the ball sail in style. PC gamers must press the W button first and then take the shot by clicking the left button on their mouse.

When going for flair shots, think finesse, not brute force. Keep your power low – it’s like whispering to the ball. Too much power might send it off course!

Want to nail those jaw-dropping shots? Practice makes them perfect! The arena mode in FC 24 lets you fine-tune your flair shots. Try different power levels, work on technique, and be match-ready.

Can All Players Take Flair Shots in EA FC 24?

For the best results, you should take flair shots with players who boast natural flair qualities. You can try them with other players, but for the perfect flair shots, you will need flair players. Search for players with high flair ratings and integrate them into your FC 24 squad.

Flair with Finesse: How to Flair Shot in EA FC 24
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