EA FC 24 Pundit Picks Explained

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EA FC 24 Pundit Picks Explained

EA Sports introduces EA FC 24 Pundit Picks, a brand new monthly promo that will offer special Ultimate Team cards, and here’s what you need to know about it

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team lovers have had every reason to rejoice lately, as EA Sports has been dishing out exciting content nonstop. There have been regular promos like the Centurions, Road to the Knockouts, and Trailblazers, which have rewarded players with special cards and other rewards. Triple Threat has already been announced as the next event, and now, EA Sports has introduced another exciting campaign for Ultimate Team players: Pundit Picks. Let's find out what EA FC 24 Pundit Picks offers and how it works.

What is EA FC 24 Pundit Picks?

Pundit Picks is set to bring a unique twist to the Ultimate Team experience, as it involves experts from renowned sports broadcasting giants Sky Sports and DAZN. These experts will select players whom they believe truly deserve the honor of receiving a special boost in EA FC Ultimate Team. Sky Sports analysts will nominate Premier League players, while their DAZN counterparts will be responsible for La Liga picks.

EA FC 24 Pundit Picks Explained

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“The Pundit Pick is not a traditional Player of the Match or Player of the Month award. Instead, pundits can choose their pick to celebrate the player’s achievements from a particular match. Whether they’ve been shining on the pitch, showing out as an unsung hero all season, or they simply deserve the spotlight,” EA Sports explained in an official blog post.

The chosen players will receive an upgraded Ultimate Team item, which will be up for grabs in-game within a quick 2-3 days after the broadcast. EA FC players will have to complete individual Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) to unlock these cards.

EA FC 24 Pundit Picks November 2023 Item

EA Sports has introduced the inaugural EA FC 24 Pundit Picks player for November 2023, and the honor goes to none other than Newcastle's rising star, Anthony Gordon. The decision to select Gordon for this coveted accolade was based on his standout performance in a crucial Premier League match during match week 11.

The spotlight shines on Gordon for his game-changing goal against Arsenal, a moment that not only electrified the fans but also secured a significant victory for his team. Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher chose the Newcastle man as the first Pundit Picks player.

Anthony Gordon Pundit Picks Card Review

Gordon, a 6-foot-tall winger, boasts an impressive skill set in Ultimate Team. With a four-star skill rating and a three-star weak foot, he exhibits versatility on the pitch. The right-footed player is characterized by the Rapid First Touch and Quick-Step PlayStyles.

When you acquire the Gordon Pundit Picks card, you will be delighted with the explosive pace you get. His shooting abilities may not leave you overly thrilled, as he possesses a shooting rating of 83. You can, of course, polish his shooting quality by giving him a Hunter Chemistry Style, but that will compromise the incredible pace rating the card originally comes with.

Gordon 84

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On the brighter side, his passing skills are decent, rated at 84, and his exceptional dribbling ability stands out with an impressive rating of 86. Engine Chemistry Style will make him an even better dribbler, but It's worth mentioning that his defensive capabilities are limited, as reflected in his modest 46 defensive rating.

In terms of physical attributes, Gordon doesn't stand out in all areas except for his noteworthy 84 stamina rating, which indicates he can maintain his performance level throughout the game.

EA FC 24 Pundit Picks Explained
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