First look at Nilah, League’s newest ADC

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First look at Nilah, League’s newest ADC

Riot Games revealed the game’s 161st Champion of League of Legends, who seems to be unique, as Nilah joins the Rift.

Bel’Veth has not been part of League of Legends’ roster for a long time, but Riot Games does not want to slow down. The developers of League of Legends have released the first look video of Nilah, titled Joy Unbound.

In the teaser, Nilah is seen on the docks of Bilgewater, hunting a monster lurking below. She then activates her orb, which seems to be her weapon, walking on the water, then unfolding the orb into a whip made of water.

After this, we get a look into her abilities. Nilah’s Q seems to be a pull similar to Amumu’s Q, meaning that she drags herself to an enemy, closing the gap and presumably dealing damage. The dash is fast enough to avoid Jinx’s Flame Chompers and Brand’s Pillar of Fire. She uses it a second time on a different target, so there seems to be a reset mechanic to the ability – or maybe she can use it on every enemy Champion with separate cooldowns, much like Yasuo’s E, Sweeping Blade.

Her W looks like a knockup with a very short cast time, as she’s seen lifting Aatrox and Swain into the air. Nilah can be seen using this ability a second time as well, and on different targets, so maybe it ties into her Passive ability.

The video then shows off her E, which is like a personal Windwall or a modified Sivir Spell Shield. Nilah becomes untargetable, avoiding a Twisted Fate Gold Card, also enhancing her basic attacks to deal damage in a cone in front of her instead of one target.

Lastly, we get a glimpse of her Ultimate, but before it is revealed that she can use her Q to dash to allies as well, giving both herself and the target teammate a buff of sorts. Then she dashes into 3 enemy Champions, pulling them in and damaging them, kind of like a Rell or Diana R.

Screenshot from Nilah Teaser

Throughout the whole teaser, she is using her basic attacks a lot, which only makes sense as she is an ADC. However, she is supposed to be melee, but her attacks don’t seem as short as other melee Champions. So either there’s a trick or Nilah simply has the biggest basic attack range out of all melee characters in the game.

There’s no release date set for Nilah yet, but players can expect her to join PBE in 12.13!