Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Young Sephiroth Weapons Ranked

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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Young Sephiroth Weapons Ranked

Young Sephiroth is here!

By completing the Campaign and two General missions, everyone can get 60 Sephiroth weapon summon tickets. Hopefully, everyone gets lucky with those free pulls and obtains some of Sephiroth's top picks. 

Either way, you'll want to know which of Young Sephiroth's weapons are his best so you know which ones to wishlist should you use the young SOLDIER hero-to-be. 


Aonibi is the best offhand weapon for Sephiroth.

With many bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis immune to tons of debuffs, buff effects are arguably more valuable. And Sephiroth has the best buffing weapon in the game.

Aonibi is the first weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis to self-buff a character's attack. It buffs Sephiroth's MATK with mid-potency for 36 seconds. It also provides a 9-second Regen and an 11% heal for Sephiroth. 

A buff of 36 seconds is massive, and it can go up to 44 seconds at max weapon potential. That will allow players to punch up in content more easily. The Boost Ability Potential R. Ability is fine, and the 16 Boost HP is nice for level 90. 

Aonibi is easily Sephiroth's best offhand weapon and a must-have.

Edged Wings

Edged Wings is the banner's featured weapon and Sephiroth's best main-hand weapon.

The featured weapon of the Sephiroth and Lucia banner, Edged Wings, is Sephiroth's best main-hand weapon. 

It deals 440% Mag Ice damage at base, 40% more damage than Cloud's Marasume Blade (Sephiroth, in many ways, is the Mag version of Cloud). Edged Wings has fantastic R. Abilities of MATK and Ice Potency, making Sephiroth with Edged Wings tailormade for taking on Ifrit Co-Op and Summon Tower. 

One of Edged Wings' Spt. Materia is a Cross Sigil Boost. Those are always invaluable for interrupting a boss's stream phase. Unless a boss resists Ice, this is the weapon you want your Sephiroth to use. The only flaw of Edged Wings is the windup time for its Aerial Frostblade attack. It is long. Don't be surprised if you don't get Aerial Frostblade off in time before a boss performs one of their big attacks.

CC Alloy Sword

CC Alloy Sword is a solid Lightning damage option and arguably Sephiroth's second-best main-hand weapon.

If your Marasume Cloud needs some help destroying bosses susceptible to Lightning damage, CC Alloy Sword has you and Sephiroth covered. 

CC Alloy Sword deals 280% Mag Lightning damage to all enemies and has perfect synergistic R. Abilities of Boost MATK and Lighting Potency. At level 90, that Lighting Potency goes up to 12, which is very nice for ramping up Lighting damage. Unfortunately, the MATK is only 16 at level 90 when you ideally want 24 and up. 

CC Alloy Sword has two Spt. Materia slots that are ATK instead of MATK, but other than that, CC Alloy Sword is a fantastic Lightning weapon through and through. Paired with Marasume Blade Cloud, Lightning content should be a breeze. 

Prototype Crimson Blade

The Prototype Crimson Blade should do wonders when fighting Shiva.

Prototype Crimson Blade is very similar to CC Alloy Sword except Fire instead of Lightning. It deals 280% MATK Fire damage to all enemies. Prototype Crimson Blade has slightly better Spt. Materia than CC Alloy Sword, with two MATK slots and just one ATK slot, but it falls off on R Abilities. It has ATK instead of MATK, which gives Sephiroth an unnecessary PATK boost, and the Fire Potency only scales to +9 at level 90. 

Despite a few flaws, Fire is a very relevant element, and Prototype Crimson Blade should help players looking to farm the Shiva Summon Tower. 


Every player gets a copy of Nameless for free, and it's a solid off-hand option for Sephiroth.

Every player got a free copy of Nameless after the Young Sephiroth update went live, and it's a pretty nice freebie. 

Unlike Zweihander and Apology in Hell, the free Zack and Glenn weapons we all received, Nameless is a support weapon. It deals 150% physical non-elemental damage to a single target, which is nothing to write home about. But what makes Nameless worth using is the MDEF down debuff it applies to the enemy you hit. Debuff potency starts at low, but you can increase it to mid. The 11-second duration is a little lower than I would've liked, but it gets the job done. Nameless pairs perfectly with his best main-hand weapons, like Edged Wings and CC Alloy Sword. 

You can get +24 HP from Nameless at level 90, and the +9 Lightning Resist is a decent enough buff for fighting Ramuh. Nameless will never be your main hand weapon, so the Spt. Materia slots don't matter. 

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a great weapon for decreasing the PATK of enemies.

Northern Lights does more than double the damage of Nameless, with a 320% Phys non-elemental damage percentage and a similar debuff event. But instead of lowering MDEF, Northern Lights decreases PATK.

The Debrave materia has been an MVP for many players and is sometimes the sole reason players have been able to complete higher-difficulty content, like the higher stages in the Battle Tower. Northern Lights has superior potency, starting at mid and increasing to high. Unlike Debrave, it isn't a dead materia slot (Since we cannot synthesize Debrave yet, and Debrave has pitiful sub stats). Northern Lights debuff also has a fairly long duration, at 20 seconds. 

If a boss's physical attacks hit your party a little too hard, show them some Northern Lights. 

Shinra Blade: Model I

The Shinra Blade is a decent option, but not Sephiroth's best.

If there's the unlikely chance of facing a boss that resists Lightning, Ice, and Fire, Sephiroth still has a solid main-hand weapon option: Shinra Blade: Model I.

The Shinra Blade: Model I deals 500% magical non-elemental damage to a single enemy with a 10% crit rate. Single-target weapons are typically more effective when dealing with harder content, so the high damage percentage at base is very nice. 

Along with two MATK slots, it has an odd Water ATK third slot, but that third slot should actually prove quite useful when paired with a Water Blow materia during Ramuh fights. A 30% boost to Water Ability damage is nothing to scoff at. 

The R. Abilities are okay. ATK isn't ideal for the MATK-heavy Sephiroth, but at least it's a +24, not +16. Ability Potency isn't useless, but it is very niche, and most players aren't looking to scale that when building characters. 

Sephiroth's best weapon for fighting Ramuh? Could be. Overall, it's a solid weapon.


Glaireid is a very underwhelming weapon for Sephiroth.

Glaireid has a few glaring issues. It's another physical weapon, dealing 350% physical non-elemental damage to all enemies with a 10% crit rate. The damage % is nice, but Sephiroth is primarily a MATK character, so this isn't an ideal weapon for him.

The +24 PATK R. Ability is great, but Limit Break Potency, like Ability Potency but worse, is too niche and situational. If you're not using a Limit Break, you get nothing from it. 

Like the Shinra Blade, Glaireid has the rare Elemental ATK Materia slot, but this time, for Earth. A 30% boost to Earth is nice, but we don't have much need for Earth magic right now, and is a 30% boost for one materia worth using up a weapon slot of Sephiroth with a relatively subpar weapon? I don't think so. 

If your PATK sub-weapon options are limited, Glareid is an okay choice, but not a weapon I recommend building for Sephiroth. 

Mythril Type-0 Katana

The Mythril Type-0 Katana is easily Sephiroth's worst weapon.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Mythril Type-0 Katana is dead last on this list. Pretty much every Defense self-buffing weapon ranks lowest on every character's tier list, and there's good reason for that. 

Mythril Type-0 Katana buffs Sephiroth's PDEF with mid-potency for 36 seconds. It also applies a 9% Regen and an 11% heal. These aren't bad, but you can't give these buffs to anyone else. When Aerith and her Mythril Rod exist, which can buff everyone's PDEF and MDEF and apply a heal, why use the Mythril Type-0 Katana? 

Sephiroth has far superior offhand weapon options in Aonibi, Northern Lights, and Nameless. Sure, the Mythril Type-0 Katana does have a respectable +24 HP R. Ability at level 90, but that's about it. There are plenty of better weapons to invest in.

That about does it for Young Sephiroth Weapons ranked. Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis content, including a materia guide and a gear exchange shop tier list!

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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Young Sephiroth Weapons Ranked
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