Final Fantasy 16 Omega Boss Fight Guide

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Final Fantasy 16 Omega Boss Fight Guide

The Final Fantasy 16 DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, will put you in front of some powerful enemies to face as well as some new bosses, including the Final Fantasy 16 Omega boss. Forget the battle against Sigma, as this will be much more challenging and will require a good strategy and precautions to be able to be completed without too many difficulties. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail everything you will have to do to get the better of this boss.

How to Beat the Final Fantasy 16 Omega Boss

The first thing to do in order to be able to face this clash is to prepare as best as possible. First of all, try to have your character level as close to 50 as possible, as this is a fight that will put your skills to the test. Furthermore, our advice is to have a good mix of staggering and damage skills in order to have a balanced approach. As for equipment, try to use the most powerful one you have in order to make the fight easier and faster.

Phase 1

The first thing you need to know is that this fight is divided into three different phases. Omega is a really big enemy, and you're battling it on a huge battlefield. One problem you might face is figuring out how far away Omega is because the place is so vast. To avoid this, make sure you get as close as possible before attacking to make sure you hit Omega. But it's not that simple because Omega can do a lot of different attacks.

Delta Attack is one move where a triangle appears around Clive for a bit. After a while, more triangles pop up on the ground, showing areas that will become dangerous. You can ignore this until the triangles are horizontal on the ground, then quickly dodge out of the way. Wave Cannon is another move where Omega shoots a straight beam at Clive. Dodge the first beam and then quickly move to the side. This move is easy to dodge by itself, but it gets harder when the boss uses multiple attacks at once.

ML Wave Cannon is when Omega summons many Wave Cannon attacks across the whole battlefield. The lasers shoot twice in a row, so you have time to find a safe spot between the laser beams before they hit. Claw Swipe is a simple attack that Omega uses when you're close. It's easy to dodge, so be ready for it when you're near Omega.

Bombardment is when Omega shoots two sets of four energy shots at Clive. These shots follow you quickly, so you need to dodge one after the other to avoid getting hit. Laser Beams is another move where Omega summons lasers around Clive. They explode into larger lasers after a moment. Dodging forward toward Omega can quickly get you out of this attack.

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Even though this fight is just a warm-up, you still need to be careful. Omega's bombardment attack is fast and can catch you off guard, so always be on the lookout for it. Omega's attacks are really powerful, even if you have the best equipment. Keep Potions and High Potions in your quick slots so you can heal quickly because your health can drop fast in this fight.

In the later part of the battle, the boss combines Delta Attack with the ML Wave Cannon, leaving you with less space to move. Be cautious and try to stay focused. If you effectively use skills and build up damage multipliers, a single stagger period should be enough to move on to the second phase of the fight, which will be more difficult to face and conquer, so you need to be ready.

Final Fantasy 16 Omega

Phase 2

The second phase of the battle is not at all simple; on the contrary, things will only become more and more difficult. The first piece of advice we can give you, which is valid for the entire duration of the second phase of the battle, is to stay as close as possible to the boss when you are attacking, in the same way you did during the first phase. This is very important so as not to be caught off guard and die. Of course, the boss will also make use of new attacks, so be more vigilant than ever.

Maximum Overdrive lets the boss move quickly across the ground, swiping and dragging its claws. This attack lasts a while, but it's not good at following you if you dodge to the side. Using a precision dodge with the Berserker Ring or a Cold Snap should help you avoid this scary and lengthy attack. Ion Efflux, instead, lets Omega jump to the middle of the arena and release a bunch of energy balls that fall slowly like rain. Getting hit by one can stun you and make you an easy target for Omega's other attacks. Do your best to dodge these energy balls.

The ML Wave Cannon attack is similar to the one in the first phase, but now the second part fires in the gaps that were safe before. Keep an eye on where the beams are going to strike. Pantokrator is more of a signal than an actual attack. It means Omega has taken enough damage to enter a pseudo-third phase. It might seem like Clive is taking unavoidable damage, but he's not.

With Atomic Ray, the boss slams its front claws into the ground, creating pairs of fiery rings that cover the whole battlefield. Telegraphed damaged areas will grow and eventually leave only tiny safe zones. Jump over the fiery rings, especially with Garuda's movement ability. When the damage zones get massive, head to a small, safe zone before the final attack.

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Hyperextension allows Omega to hit the ground in front of it, firing a wide, straight attack at Clive. It's fast but easy to dodge to the side because it's clearly signaled. When using Smashing Leap, Omega leaps toward Clive and does a two-hit melee combo. It's pretty obvious if you pay attention; it's often used after other attacks. You can parry it with good timing, but if your timing isn't perfect, try dodging backward to avoid it.

With a Drifting Wave Cannon, the boss moves around the arena, shooting Wave Cannons. The telegraphed beams are easy to dodge, but they can be hard to see depending on the other attacks Omega is using. Fiery Puddle is an attack that allows Omega to shoot two beams at the ground when Clive is there. A marked circle appears, and after a while, it explodes with pillars of flame.

When using Volcanic Shredder, far from Clive, Omega drags a claw along the ground, sending a claw-shaped wave of fire at him. This happens twice in a row, once with each claw. It can be tricky to see coming, but if you notice Omega dragging its claw, be ready to dodge through a fast and wide-ranged attack.

When the boss uses its Maximum Overdrive and Atomic Ray attacks, it gets staggered, and that's a great chance to attack it. If you have Garuda with you, doing a takedown when Omega is halfway tired is a smart move. This helps you catch a break in a battle where the boss keeps attacking all the time. Using these short breaks in Omega's attacks is the key to making this fight easier. The tricky part is that Omega will start using a bunch of complicated attacks together. To avoid getting hurt, you need to know everything about each attack.

Phase 3

Once you have managed to almost completely empty Omega's health bar, the battle will enter its third and final phase. This phase will actually be timed as the boss continuously shrinks the battlefield. As if that wasn't enough, you will also be attacked constantly, but you won't have much time to dedicate to parries as you will have to focus your attention on inflicting damage on your opponent.

Consequently, try to implement everything you have learned throughout the game and this battle in order to finish the battle against this boss as soon as possible. Once you manage to inflict enough damage on the boss, it will die once and for all, and you will finally be able to say that you have defeated the final boss of Echoes of the Fallen. Now, among other things, you have the possibility to craft the Omega Weapon thanks to the materials you have acquired.

Final Fantasy 16 Echoes of the Fallen Omega Weapon

Final Fantasy 16 Omega Boss Fight Guide
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