Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Typhon

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Typhon

Typhon is a boss that players will face during the main quest “The Crystals' Curse” in Final Fantasy 16 after defeating Akashic Dragon. This is the last of three bosses players will encounter in this mission. In order to defeat this boss, we recommend that you be prepared and adopt the right strategy, since it's not a very easy boss to deal with. In this article, therefore, we will show you some strategies and excellent tips to follow to complete this fight and emerge victorious.

Location, rewards, and abilities

As already mentioned in the introduction of this article, Typhon will have to be faced and defeated during the main mission “The Crystals' Curse” held in the Drake's Head area in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque region. Upon defeating this fearsome boss, players will be rewarded with some rewards including 870 XP, 200 AP, and 3500 Gil, as well as Magicked Ash, Steelsilk, Sharp Fang, and The Breath of Fire.

However, as usual, we advise you not to underestimate this boss, just as we do not recommend underestimating any boss in the game since each of them poses a threat. In order to defeat Typhon you will have to be fast and precise, as well as have in mind the right strategy to use in order not to be defeated by this duel. Also, remember that Typhon, like the other bosses in the game, has some special abilities (Unending Clamor, Catacecaumene, and Demon Wall) that will make your life even more difficult during the battle.

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How to defeat Typhon

As has already happened for other bosses faced during the adventure, the fight with Typhon is also characterized by two phases. When Typhon makes use of large-scale attacks, such as the Unending Clamor, the best thing to do is to be ready to dodge this type of attack, keeping in mind that this attack creates an aura on the ground that deals damage to the character. For this reason, it is also very important to indicate the right direction in which to dodge this attack, in order to have more time to avoid the attack.

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Additionally, Typhon will often teleport to various places in the combat arena. To be able to follow him in his quick marriages, all you have to do is dodge in his direction to reduce the distance between you and the boss. In this phase, be ready to launch basic attacks as soon as you get the chance, because there will be brief moments where the boss will have his guard uncovered.

During the second phase of the fight, Clive will transform into Ifrit, causing him to become stronger and able to deal more damage to Typhon. At this stage, we advise you to keep an eye on the boss's arms. When he raises one of his arms straight up, that's when he's ready to launch one of his attacks at him, so you'll need to pay close attention and time it right to avoid it. The strategy to follow here is, again, to dodge the attack and get close to counterattack using your basic attacks.

Finally, the battle will conclude with the aid of a series of Quick Time Events (QTEs) which will initiate multiple cinematic sequences between Clive and Typhon. As always, timing is your best weapon and strategy in these cases. All you need to do is press the right buttons at the right time to be able to complete this fight and emerge victorious from the battlefield.

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Typhon's abilities

Typhon has several skills available that can be used during the fight which will become even more powerful in the second phase, in addition to the addition of other skills to which particular attention must be paid if you do not want to fall victim to them. The thing to keep in mind is the fact that Typhon will make more use of aerial abilities which will be fatal in case players don't pay attention.

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Once large walls of purple energy appear in front of you, it means that Typhon is making use of his Demon Wall ability. What we advise you to do is to run towards the narrow openings in order to avoid being hit and therefore suffering damage. If you are worried that you will not be able to reach the next time gap, on this occasion we advise you to make use of the extended dodge.

Also, sometimes purple aura beams will come out of the ground below the boss and can be avoided by simply jumping. This is when Typhon will move away from you in order to cast his Catacechaumen ability. For this reason, we invite you to pay close attention to the ground and to check whether or not there are circular auras on it so that you can avoid them in time and not suffer damage. In this case, you might consider throwing fireballs if you don't find the right moment to get close and launch your attacks.

During the second phase, Typhon will become even more powerful and his Unending Clamor attack will now make three purple circles appear on the ground, so the strategy of dodging them from the side won't be much easier to use. The thing we advise you in this phase is to be as careful as possible and to try to approach him when he has finished using this skill, as it requires a cooldown time, which we suggest you use to go behind him and start attacking him from that position.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Typhon
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