Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Iron Giant

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Iron Giant

The boss Iron Giant appears in Final Fantasy 16's main mission “Buried Memories” after the player defeats Knight of the Dying Sun. If you wish to defeat the Iron Giant, you must have the ability to think clearly, fast, and quickly. If you want to overcome his enormous strength and intelligence, you must concentrate on him and learn to be patient. Furthermore, bear in mind that he is the first of three bosses you will meet during this quest. You can use the advice in this article to help you defeat this difficult boss and move on with the game.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The Iron Giant boss fight occurs at the Phoenix Gate Ruins area of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria and is the result of the main quest “Buried Memories,” which is accessible there. Players will also earn 1800 Gil as a bonus for their commitment and labor, 50 XP to help them in their quest, and 100 AP as further rewards for their efforts. Along with those rewards, there are others like Wyrrite, Meteorite, and Fallen Iron.

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that Iron Giant is not to be underestimated. This powerful opponent can cause problems for anyone who seeks to fight him, so it is essential to have a solid plan in place. As you fight this monster, bear in mind that Iron Giant, like Clive, has a unique ability to utilize called Atomic Ray, which deals additional damage to his enemies.

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How to defeat Iron Giant

The Iron Giant's head, which might be challenging to get due to its height, is its greatest point of weakness. Use the power of Deadly Embrace to leap into the air and launch your strike to defeat this obstacle. You can use the Gouge technique while you're in the air to deliver a deadly combo. Directly towards the boss's head, unleash a barrage of claw attacks. Use the Stomp or Wicked Wheel ability to follow up in order to prolong your time in the air and keep your edge. You can stay aloft and in command by using these maneuvers. Following that, to increase the amount of damage you deal, keep using basic attacks repeatedly.

You have a few defensive alternatives at your disposal if you see the Iron Giant getting ready to attack in your direction. One of your first options is to quickly dart away from danger. Instead, use the Swift Recovery skill to immediately stand up if you are struck. Keeping an eye on which direction the giant is pointing its sword is a good way to reduce damage. Your time to execute a well-timed dodge is greatly increased by the sluggish wind-up animation before an attack.

Parrying is an effective move to momentarily stun the Iron Giant for those with the confidence and expertise to use it. When you successfully parry, the boss becomes exposed, which gives you the opportunity to deal more damage while it is down. It's vital to remember that after you deflect the Iron Giant's initial strike, it can try to swing its sword again. These subsequent actions should be anticipated because it might rotate or slash vertically. To prevent getting hurt, get ready to run away once more.

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Iron Giant's ability

The Iron Giant will strengthen in the second half of the fight and unleash its destructive Atomic Ray power. If not handled quickly, this strong attack could result in catastrophe. When you receive a Discharge message and a 5-second countdown, you can assume the Iron Giant intends to use the Atomic Ray at that point.

Keep up a continuous offensive attack on the Iron Giant in order to successfully confront this looming threat. Be sure to concentrate on eradicating the Purple HP bar seen at the top right of the screen as you continue to batter it with your most destructive strikes. The Iron Giant's Atomic Ray will become uncharged as a result of this constant bombardment, which will also deplete its health.

It's important to keep an eye out for the Iron Giant's horizontal flame assaults while you fight ceaselessly. These flaming arrows can cause serious harm and stop your aggressive momentum. The Iron Giant's health is being depleted as you keep yourself out of harm's way by remaining mobile and using quick evasive moves to avoid these incoming fireballs.

There will be a disastrous explosion if the Iron Giant's Purple HP bar isn't completely depleted in the allotted time. You might lose more than half of your remaining HP as a result of this explosion's possibly catastrophic damage. Due to the fact that it not only stops the Atomic Ray attack but also secures your survival during the entire battle, sustaining a relentless assault is of the utmost significance.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Iron Giant
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