Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Garuda

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Garuda

The boss Garuda appears in Final Fantasy 16's “Awakening” main quest after Benedikta has been defeated. If you want to defeat Garuda, you have to be able to think clearly, fast, and quickly. If you want to overcome her amazing strength and knowledge, you must concentrate on her and learn patience. We will provide you with some advice and strategies in this article to aid you in defeating this difficult boss and moving on in the game.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The Benedikta boss can be found in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque's The Eye of the Tempest region during the main quest “Awakening,” which is accessible there. She is there, as was said at the start of the article. Players will also receive 3000 Gil, 500 XP to help them in their quest, and 300 AP as additional incentives as a thank-you for their hard work and devotion. In addition to stuff like Wyrrite, Meteorite, and Wind Shard, you can also obtain these rewards. Victory signs and trophy-like objects are given out as mementos to commemorate the participants' successful overthrow of Garuda.

However, Garuda should not be taken lightly, and this must be remembered. It is imperative to have a solid strategy in place because this ferocious opponent can cause problems for anyone who seeks to engage her. Remember that Garuda, like Clive, has a range of distinctive abilities to use, including Aerial Blast, Skyfall, and Tornado, all of which do additional damage to her enemies, while you fight this boss.

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How to defeat Garuda

Clive battles Garuda at the outset of the conflict while perched atop a little floating island. You can now anticipate Garuda's rapid moves and aerial assaults because you defeated Benedikta and received Garuda's Eikon. In order to maximize your chances of success, focus all of your assaults on Garuda's head, as this is where they will have the most effect. You can fast-stun Garuda by doing this as opposed to attacking its other bodily parts.

In the event that getting to the head proves to be difficult, you can use the Wicked Wheel ability (R2 + Triangle) to fly upward before unleashing Gouge (R2 + Square), which rips through your victim with several claw strikes. If Wicked Wheel is out of commission, you can also rely on your standard assaults. When Garuda's Will reaches 50%, it will partially stumble, allowing you to use the devastating takedown move Deadly Embrace to render Garuda unconscious and create a brief window of opportunity for uninterrupted assaults.

Assuming command of Ifrit, you will participate in the second phase of the conflict, which features a titanic struggle between two strong Eikons. This part of the battle is quite simple because you will just need to use melee attacks to defeat Garuda, using the same skills as Clive's standard toolkit. In order to make use of Ifrit's greater strength than Garuda, it is important to close the distance and engage in a close battle. With every successful melee attack, you can stun Garuda by delivering three hits in a row. Your combo will end with a crushing third hit that will severely reduce Garuda's HP.

But be wary of Garuda's energy ball strikes, and dodge (R1) her quickly to avoid being hit. You should be aware that Ifrit moves relatively slowly, so you can use the Lunge skill (Circle) to quickly narrow the distance between you and Garuda. You will endure a little delay to regain your stamina after lunging, so keep that in mind. Press the Fireball attack (Triangle) as soon as you notice Garuda building up to divert the spell's path. Timing is essential in this situation since Ifrit must first accumulate energy before releasing fireballs.

You will experience a number of Cinematic Clashes throughout the battle, a feature that heightens the action. The war can be won, though, if you succeed in completing the last few Quick Time Events. Keep an eye out for the cutscenes, since you only have a short window of opportunity to hit the appropriate buttons and carry out the predetermined actions. In this crucial encounter, remain focused and utilize every moment.

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Garuda's abilities

It's crucial to be wary of the powerful Aerial Blast strike when fighting a Garuda. It becomes exceedingly dangerous to be close to Garuda once it makes this maneuver. The cause is that Garuda will conjure explosive tornadoes in its local vicinity, posing a serious threat to everyone nearby. So at this part of the conflict, it's a good idea to concentrate on your ranged strikes.

Keep a safe distance from Garuda so you have room to move and avoid the explosions triggered by the summoned tornados. Your ranged skills will come in very handy in this circumstance. Release your arsenal of long-range strikes, and use spells, projectiles, or any other ranged skills at your disposal to reduce Garuda's health while dodging the chaotic blasts.

Keep in mind to be quick and alert, always watching Garuda's movements to foresee and avoid the erupting tornadoes. As a result, you can continue to attack from a safe distance, eventually weakening Garuda's defenses while posing the least amount of damage to yourself. By adopting a hit-and-run tactic, you can bombard Garuda with a flurry of ranged attacks, taking advantage of its weakness while avoiding the dangerous Aerial Blast's aftereffects. You can gradually deplete Garuda's strength until it is compelled to submit by fusing your agility, exact timing, and tactical use of ranged weapons.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Garuda
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