Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Benedikta

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Benedikta

Following the defeat of Chirada and Suparna, the boss Benedikta can be encountered in the main quest “Headwind” of Final Fantasy 16. You need to be able to think quickly, precisely, and wisely if you want to defeat Benedikta. You must focus on her and develop patience if you wish to defeat her incredible strength and expertise. In this article, we'll provide you with some tips and tricks to help you fight this challenging boss and go forward in the game.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The Holy Empire of Sanbreque's Caer Norvent area is home to the Benedikta boss, who can be discovered there during the main quest “Headwing,” which is available there. As was said in the article's introduction, she is located there. In addition, as a thank-you for their dedication and work, players will receive 2200 Gil, 60 XP to aid them in their quest, and 150 AP as additional incentives. You can also earn these rewards in addition to things like Wyrrite, Meteorite, and The Will of Fire. In recognition of the participants' victorious overthrow of Benedikta, victory signs and trophy-like items are distributed as souvenirs.

Benedikta shouldn't, however, be underestimated, and this must be kept in mind. This fierce adversary can cause issues for anyone who attempts to engage her, therefore it is crucial to have a strong strategy in place. As you battle this boss, keep in mind that Benedikta, like Clive, has a variety of unique abilities to use, including Aerora, Wind Blade, Aerial Slash, Aero Rain, Tornado, Nosedive, Rammelfall, Deadly Embrace, Twister, and Gathering Clouds, all of which do extra damage to her foes.

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How to defeat Benedikta

Benedikta will appear to you in her human form throughout the first stages of the conflict. Due to the highly predictable nature of her basic attacks and her low health, this particular encounter should go quite quickly and easily. Benedikta mostly uses Aerora, Aeroga, and Wind Blade in this form, but she also has other skills in her toolbox.

Benedikta enters a charging animation at this phase to indicate that she is about to strike, making it relatively easy to watch her actions. You have the ideal chance to thwart her onslaught by using a well-timed Basic onslaught (Square), which will catch her off guard and allow you to deal more damage. To make the most of your attack within this window, launch a barrage of combination attacks. Be ready, though, for after a few blows are traded, Benedikta will push you away by forcibly pushing you back.

Make use of your Phoenix Shift power to close the gap once more and rejoin Benedikta. By using this ability, you can move quickly and get closer to her helpless form while making sure that you stay in close proximity to her. The Lunge ability can also be used as a substitute strategy. You can quickly bridge the gap and get into a position to be close to Benedikta by using this technique. Removing her capacity to keep you at a distance, gives you a tactical edge.

Benedikta will change into her powerful Eikon form and summon the power of Garuda in the second half of the confrontation. She expands and strengthens the talents displayed in her human form during this phase, enabling her to unleash a broader variety of assaults. The struggle becomes considerably more difficult and drawn out as well as receiving a huge increase in her health and defense.

Quick Time Events (QTEs) become the crucial strategy in this conflict in order to successfully stun Benedikta and take the lead. You can obstruct Benedikta's actions and make space for your assaults by participating in these timed button prompts. It will be difficult to overcome her defenses by relying only on standard attacks, so making the most of QTEs and starting dramatic confrontations becomes essential. You can temporarily knock Benedikta out of the game by pulling off one of these battles, then take advantage of the chance to unleash strong combo attacks that will quickly drain her health.

Use the opportunities to launch powerful attacks when she is immobile. Use spells that cause a ton of damage to Benedikta, such as Rising Flames and Scarlet Cyclone. You can greatly weaken her and tip the balance of the battle in your favor by timing these talents just right while she can't avoid them.

final fantasy 16 benedikta

Benedikta's abilities

Benedikta has access to many different special skills, as we've already stated. Benedikta's Wind Blade strike will first cause you to be alert for a visual indication on the ground. A warning sign that the oncoming hits are in the form of three vertical lines should show. Use the Left Stick to move away from the attack's trajectory rather than depending just on the dodge button to avoid being hit. With no requirement for a dodge move, you can thereby evade the slashes.

Benedikta then does a different maneuver, taking to the air and circling above you while firing a number of energy balls in your direction. Running counterclockwise is the best course of action for successfully navigating this assault. You can choose to avoid the projectiles as an alternative. You should be able to dodge the strikes and avoid getting hurt by using either strategy.

Aerial Slash is an improved and more potent variant of Wind Blade. In contrast to the vertical slashes she used in her human form, Benedikta now combines them with three additional horizontal slashes. The first two slashes may be easily dodged by sidestepping, so save your dodge move for the third one. At the conclusion of this attack sequence, she may launch an energy ball, so keep an eye out for that as well. Keep an eye out and get ready to avoid it as well.

Benedikta uses a devastating technique called devastating Embrace in which she extends the claws of the Garuda to seize and harm you. After that, she uses a power called Twister to unleash a hail of claw attacks. It is imperative to prevent being a victim of this terrible attack because it could seriously deplete your health. Maintain your focus and work to successfully avoid these moves.

Benedikta will release numerous tornadoes as they appear all around her as you continue to harm her. The explosive nature of these storms causes them to explode quickly. During this part of the combat, stay on high alert, keeping an eye out for the tornadoes, dodging to get out of their way, and staying a safe distance from them.

final fantasy 16 benedikta

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Benedikta
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