Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Chirada and Suparna

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Chirada and Suparna

The bosses Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy 16 can be found in the main quest “Headwind” after defeating Chirada. This implies that Chirada will show up twice in a row. If you want to overcome Chirada and Suparna, you must be able to think wisely, precisely, and swiftly. If you want to overcome his extraordinary knowledge and strength, you must concentrate on him and learn patience. In order to help you defeat these difficult bosses and advance in the game, we will provide you with some advice and methods in this article.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The Chirada and Suparna bosses may be found in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque's Caer Norvent district, as mentioned in the article's introduction, and they can be encountered during the main quest “Headwing,” which is available there. Players will also receive 1200 Gil, 30 XP to help them in their quest, and 45 AP as a symbol of thanks for their efforts as additional rewards for their commitment and labor. Along with items like Magicked Ash, Sharp Fang, and Clouded Eye, you can also get these rewards. Victory symbols and trophy-like objects are given out as a souvenir of the participants' successful overthrow of Chirada and Suparna.

However, it's crucial to remember that Suparna and Chirada shouldn't receive unkind treatment. It is essential to have a solid strategy in place because these tough foes can cause problems for anyone who seeks to confront them. Keep in mind that Chirada and Suparna, like Clive, have a number of special abilities called Perfect Storm and Inheritance that deal extra damage to their opponents as you fight these bosses.

final fantasy 16 chirada and suparna

How to defeat Chirada and Suparna

Since Chirada is the duo's melee fighter and the one that poses the biggest threat to you at first, you should concentrate your efforts on taking her out during the opening portion of the fight. Right away, she'll start attacking you indiscriminately at close range. With the exception of her inability to wield Green Aura magic, Chirada's attacking techniques and special skills are the same as when you first encountered her. Suparna will be the one doing the spell-casting instead.

For the time being, you may mostly ignore Suparna because she will concentrate on casting spells that can be easily avoided by keeping a safe distance from the green aura that will spread over the battle arena. It is crucial to adjust your approach in accordance with how the fight is going and to keep an eye out for any adjustments or novel strategies that Chirada and Suparna may use.

It's obviously difficult to fight two monsters at once, and it's likely that when you kill one of them, especially if it's your first time facing both, your health points will be substantially lower. It is best to use potions and make use of Torgal's healing powers to alleviate this issue. Before engaging in combat with the final boss or even when the boss is performing its devastating Inheritance attack, you can use potions and ask Torgal for help in regaining your health.

You may make sure that your health is restored and that you are better equipped to take on the obstacles presented by the battle's ultimate boss by wisely using these healing items. To increase your odds of succeeding in this challenging experience, keep in mind to thoroughly examine the circumstance and pick the most advantageous times to repair.

final fantasy 16 chirada and suparna

Chirada and Suparna's abilities

The Perfect Storm attack, in which both bosses simultaneously unleash their potent abilities at you, is devastating and will be used by both of them. Suparna will call forth green flames that will quickly envelop you and erupt, while Chirada will dash at you twice in quick succession. Swift Recovery, which enables you to quickly restore your footing if Chirada's dash attack happens to knock you into the air, is an essential skill to have.

The bosses also have something called Inheritance, which is a powerful ability. They use the skills and talents of their lost companion once they're awakened. Suparna is given the ability to use melee weapons in this situation, allowing her to fight in close quarters. Chirada, on the other hand, gains the ability to use magic to perform lethal area-of-effect spells and launch ranging attacks.

It is essential to keep an eye out and be responsive in order to overcome these obstacles. Be ready to quickly recover from Chirada's dash attacks and use evasive maneuvers to evade the exploding green flames. Remember that the bosses' use of Inheritance also adds a level of difficulty to the fight. Make necessary adjustments to your strategy, shifting your attention between the bosses as they use their freshly learned skills. You can improve your odds of succeeding in this difficult battle by doing so.

final fantasy 16 chirada and suparna

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Chirada and Suparna
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