FifaKill Wins World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo NA 2022

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FifaKill Wins World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo NA 2022

A European takes home the crown in the World Series of Warzone NA Solo Yolo 2022.

The World Series of Warzone for 2022 has finally come to an end, with the SoloYolo event for North America now concluding. With all of the best Warzone players from one lobby going against each other, it was a match full of gun skill, positioning… and riot shields. Check out our recap of the NA WSOW event. You can catch the EU Solo Yolo recap as well. 

FifaKill Wins World Series of Warzone NA

There has been a long-going debate about whether European players can hang with the North Americans in Warzone. Well, this might have just settled that debate. Fifakill has long been one of the best players in Europe, winning almost every single tournament with multiple different teammates.

Known for his slower and more methodical playstyle, Fifa has dominated previous tournaments but came a close 2nd in last year's Solo Yolo EU. This year, Fifa made the move to NA, playing in the tournament with fellow streamers JoeWo and Bbreadman. While they suffered in the trios competition, Fifa excelled in the Solo.

Following a game full of riot shields, Fifa positioned himself well, using a redeploy balloon to float above the other players waiting for them to eliminate each other. In the dying moments, he dropped down and got the high ground over the final player, securing the victory and $100K.

This now sees the end of the World Series of Warzone competition for 2022. While EU may reign over NA for now, we’ll have plenty more tournaments in the future to really put them against each other.

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