World Series of Warzone 2022 – NA Recap

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World Series of Warzone 2022 – NA Recap

The World Series of Warzone 2022 NA winners have been crowned and we have a recap of how it went down.

The World Series of Warzone began last night with the European competition. Here, it was Savyultras, BBlade and Waartex who came out on top with the victory by just 0.5 points. It was a night full of intense competition, with some of the best Call of Duty: Warzone players in Europe fighting head to head for $300K in prize money. 

Tonight, the event continued. This time, putting the best players in North America against each other. The difference in playstyle between NA and Europe can be easily seen, with most European players having a more calculated playstyle compared to the run-and-gun nature of North America. 

This can be seen in the difference in scores between the two competitions, with the NA winners, putting up 130 points, and defeating second place by 24.

Skullface, Hisoka & Mayappo win World Series of Warzone NA

World Series of Warzone NA crowned Skullface, Hisoka and Mayappo as their champions for the 2022 event. All three are well known names within the Warzone scene, with Skullface commonly competing with Europe’s WarsZ in the past, Hisoka being a former teammate of Jukeyz and Mayappo competing in previous tournaments with Rated. 

All three are known for their aggressive playstyle, with Mayappo leading the elimination leaderboard throughout the whole tournament, with Hisoka in 7th, and Skullface in 8th. It was truly an event of two halfs for this team, with a 17th and 22nd place in their first two matches, earning no multiplier. But their sheer number of kills kept them in the race before two back-to-back wins with 21 and 29 kills that cemented their lead in the tournament.

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Second place Superevan, Biffle and Repullze put up a fight and looked like they could challenge for the win, however an early squad wipe in the final game ruined their chances, and saw Skullface, Hisoka and Mayappo take the crown.

There’s still the SoloYolo competition to come tonight, where one player will head home with $100K all to themselves.

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