FIFA 2K Wishlist: What We Want to See in the New FIFA Game

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FIFA 2K Wishlist: What  We Want to See in the New FIFA Game

Rumor has it that FIFA is joining forces with 2K Studios to develop the upcoming FIFA game. With this potential collaboration in mind, here's our FIFA 2K wishlist

It has been almost five months since EA FC 24 marked the beginning of a new era for EA Sports. The gaming juggernauts no longer had the FIFA license, so they were forced into a rebrand of the flagship franchise. Though not without initial stumbles, the transition seems like a success for EA. Meanwhile, a new contender emerges: rumors swirl about FIFA partnering with 2K Studios to develop a rival game. While official confirmation hangs in the balance, here's our wishlist for what we want to see in “FIFA 2K” (or FIFA 25, if you will):

FIFA 2K Wishlist: What Can Make FIFA 25 A Worthy Competitor Of EA FC?

As of the current moment, there hasn't been any official confirmation regarding 2K Studios assuming control over the upcoming FIFA game. Nevertheless, there have been persistent rumors suggesting that the minds behind Bioshock and NBA 2K are set to resurrect the FIFA franchise. If these rumors hold true, here’s what we want from a FIFA 2K installment, which could also possibly be dubbed FIFA 25:

More National Teams

FIFA 2K Wishlist: What  We Want to See in the New FIFA Game

Credit: EA Sports

Fans of international football matches have witnessed a dwindling selection of national teams in recent FIFA games. This trend continued with EA FC's debut, offering only 30 teams and leaving players with limited choices for international matchups. Although obtaining licenses for every national team worldwide presents a significant challenge, the forthcoming FIFA game could offer a broader team selection than EA FC, thanks to its FIFA World Cup license. A diverse portfolio of national teams is the first thing we want to see in FIFA 25.

FIFA 2K MyPark

If 2K Studios indeed develops the next FIFA game, we want to see a MyPark-style section similar to NBA 2K. While previous FIFA games and EA FC 24 feature a street football mode called VOLTA Football, the experience differs from MyPark. While VOLTA primarily offers arcade-style gameplay, MyPark immerses players in a more interactive environment. Players can explore the neighborhood, visit a nearby salon for a haircut, and, of course, take part in street matches. The introduction of MyPark in FIFA 25 will undoubtedly be a refreshing experience for the fans.

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More Tactical Flexibility

FIFA 2K Wishlist: What  We Want to See in the New FIFA Game

Credit: EA Sports

This might sound like a spoiled demand, but we would love to see more tactical flexibility in FIFA 25. FC 24 already has a rich profile of tactics and decent customization options. That said, we believe there is room for improvement. While the current customization allows for player-specific instructions, wouldn't it be thrilling if individual players responded differently to those tweaks? This level of tactical nuance could add a whole new layer of strategy and decision-making to the gameplay.

Building upon EA FC 24's “PlayStyles,” FIFA 25 could introduce an even more sophisticated player personality system. This system could define how players react to tactical instructions, accounting for their individual strengths, weaknesses, and preferred playing styles. This would push the boundaries of tactical flexibility, rewarding skillful management and making each match a unique tactical chess match.

A Strong Career Mode Campaign

Career Mode has slipped into the back seat over the years as Ultimate Team enjoyed the limelight in recent years. FIFA 2K can revitalize Career Mode and make it a fan favorite. A welcome addition would be the option to challenge friends managing other clubs. With refined gameplay and official licenses, this mode could be a formidable challenger to Football Manager, let alone the hot mess of FC 24 Career Mode.

2K’s track record of immersive Career Modes in games like NBA 2K and WWE 2K also makes us hopeful of an excellent career mode in the new FIFA game. The FIFA 2K reimagined career mode could allow us to forge our path from unknown prospect to global superstar. With 2K's meticulous attention to detail and ability to craft immersive narratives, the career mode could offer an authentic journey, allowing players to truly experience the triumphs and challenges of a professional football career.

Moreover, the possibility of securing genuine brand deals and examining past player-season statistics and records could enhance the game's authenticity. We would also love to see the return of social media feeds. FIFA and EA Sports did not dare to experiment following FIFA 2018’s The Hunt, leaving us eagerly anticipating a much-needed breath of fresh air. Here are some other ideas we have for a better Career Mode experience:

  • More focus on non-footballing aspects of management like the club’s finances and dressing room harmony. More interaction with the coaching staff would also be great.
  • More realistic contract and salary negotiations.
  • Customizable clubs and players.
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A Ultimate Team Counterpart

FIFA 2K Wishlist: What  We Want to See in the New FIFA Game

Credit: 2K Studios

Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular game mode in EA Sports’ soccer game series. FIFA2K will probably have its own version of Ultimate Team, and we expect it to mirror the MyTeam mode in NBA2K games. Both involve the collection of cards and online competitive play for rewards, yet NBA 2K adds a distinct scrapbook-like element. It would be intriguing to see the challenge of amassing cards through completing challenges and opening packs, without relying on a transfer market. This approach would make every card in the game accessible, albeit with varying levels of difficulty.

Rich Library of Licensed Leagues

EA FC undoubtedly boasts an impressive collection of officially licensed teams, player faces, and stadiums. This depth of authenticity contributes significantly to the immersive football experience players crave. If the rumors of FIFA 2K are true, it faces the exciting challenge of matching, and potentially exceeding, this standard.

2K and FIFA should focus on acquiring licenses for popular clubs not currently in EA FC, particularly in regions with passionate fanbases. Italian giants like Roma and Atalanta are prime examples. Expanding representation beyond Europe is also crucial. Adding prestigious mom-European leagues like Brazil's Serie A and Japan's J League would diversify the game and cater to wider audiences.

Carry Over Player Cards

The annual reset in FIFA and EA FC can be frustrating for players who invest significant time and resources building their Ultimate Team. While preserving everything outright might impact annual revenue, many players, us included, believe there are solutions to ease the transition and enhance the experience. FIFA 2K can introduce these changes and give players more flexibility in managing their assets.

Since a full carry-on is unlikely, FIFA 2K should allow players to retain a curated selection of their most valuable cards, say 20%, when moving to the new game. This incentivizes strategic team building and rewards long-term engagement.

Instead of a hard stop, FIFA 2K can implement a tiered expiration system. Cards lose value and effectiveness over 3-4 years, encouraging continuous team evolution and market activity. The game should encourage a more engaging market by allowing players to trade card upgrade tokens instead of just individual cards. This increases market diversification and reduces repetitive trading.

These changes wouldn't eliminate annual releases but would acknowledge player investment and foster a more engaging Ultimate Team experience. We believe this could benefit both players and developers in the long run.

FIFA 2K Wishlist: What  We Want to See in the New FIFA Game
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