Is the FFXIV Immersive Gamepack Worth Getting?

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Is the FFXIV Immersive Gamepack Worth Getting?

The FFXIV Immersive Gamepack just received its worth major update. But is the feature really worth it? Find out in your little review.

In the world of weird tie-in merchandise and odd software, Final Fantasy XIV's Immersive Gamepack probably ranks around the weirdest. 20$ for software that will improve the audio quality of your favorite MMORPG?

At first, it does sound like a ripoff, especially when you're paying 20$ extra for a feature that games usually bake into their engine. And scanning the internet it's really hard to figure out if it is worth the extra cost or not.

But after using the feature for a patch and then some, we can at least give you some pointers if it is worth getting and what you can expect. Since its list of features and the way it is presented don't exactly inspire confidence.

What's the FFXIV's Immersive Gamepack for?

A quick visit to Embody's page and the FFXIV Immersive Gamepack promises the following:

  • Play FINAL FANTASY XIV in 3D Spatial Audio, not just surround sound
  • Designed in collaboration with the FINAL FANTASY XIV sound team
  • Enhanced clarity and separation of in-game SFX
  • Accurately hear sounds above and behind your character
  • Compatible with all headsets
  • Supports sample rates up to 384kHz

This might sound exciting at first but to the average person, most of those words just sound like gibberish.

Once enabled and set up, the Immersive Soundpack will create a unique sound profile for you that will dynamically mix 3D sound.

While the game natively supports 3D sound with some audio devices it's great by any means. But through some kind of witchcraft, the Immersive Gamepack can emulate 3D sound for stereo headphones.

It achieves that after creating a unique profile based on the shape of your ears that you have to submit with an app by taking a picture. Yes, this sounds weird but that's it works.

The program will now separate sounds and mix them dynamically based on your character/camera position. And even normal headphones can now at least somewhat accurately create sound in a dynamic environment.

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But is it worth getting?

The biggest problem with the Immserve Gamepack is figuring out what it is for and why it was made in the first place.

In the heat of battle, it doesn't make much of a difference. In your average encounter spells and sounds go off left and right and it is honestly impossible to figure out where they are coming from with or without the Gamepack.

Here it is just a novelty at best, it's cool to have 3D audio but it probably won't help you much while raiding or during your average combat encounter.

But the feature really shines once you turn down the music and turn up the environment sounds. First of all, it made me notice just how good the environmental audio of the critical MMORPG is.

If you're into the more social aspects of the game, such as roleplaying or just hanging out in your FC house this will be more your speed.

Making a leisurely stroll through your Island Sanctuary or enjoying the peace and quiet of the sea while fishing suddenly feels a lot more immersive with 3D audio, even if you don't have high-quality headphones.

ffxiv immersive gamepack final fantasy xiv

So if you're willing to pay a little extra for your Final Fantasy XIV experience, it really comes down to what you value while spending time in Eorzea.

As someone who logs into XIV to hang out, gather, craft, and focus on the more casual side of things I've gotten my money's worth out of it.

FFXIV is a great game to just hang out and the Immersive Soundpack can definitely improve that experience. It certainly made me turn up my environmental audio all the way up to appreciate the virtual sounds of nature.

If you're still on edge about it, Embody offers a 30-day free trial on their website.

With the latest 6.4 patch, the Immersive Gamepack has also received its 2.0 update and is currently on sale until June 21, 2023, for $13,99 USD instead of the usual $19,99 USD.

But please note that the feature is only available on Windows PC.

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Is the FFXIV Immersive Gamepack Worth Getting?
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