FF7 Rebirth Weapon Locations: Cait Sith Weapons

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FF7 Rebirth Weapon Locations: Cait Sith Weapons

This article will show you where to find these special FF7 Rebirth weapon locations for Cait Sith.

In FF7 Rebirth, your team isn't just people but also animals. One of them is Cait Sith, a cat-like creature who joins you on your journey. Instead of using regular weapons in battles, Cait Sith uses special megaphones to attack and harm enemies.

FF7 Rebirth Cait Sith Weapons

In FF7 Rebirth, it's important to understand that not all characters can use the same weapons. The ones we're discussing are specifically for Cait Sith. Other characters in the game aren't able to use these weapons because each character has their own unique fighting style and role within the team.

Yellow Megaphone

How to get it: You'll see the Yellow Megaphone in your inventory, and Cait Sith will automatically use it when they join your team.

Iron Megaphone

How to get it: Once Cait Sith joins your group, you'll find the Iron Megaphone in your inventory.

Red Megaphone

How to get it: To get the Red Megaphone, go to a small cave with torches along the water's edge in the southwest part of Gongaga Gorge, in Gongaga Village. Look for a wooden Treasure Chest with purple lights inside the cave. You can reach this spot by swimming in the water-filled gorge in Gongaga Village after starting Chapter 9 Main Scenario, The Village of Gongaga.

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Resounding Megaphone

How to get it: To find the Resounding Megaphone, look for a Treasure Chest with purple lights near a stack of pallets and bushes just a few steps northwest of the phone booth at the Gongaga Airstrip in the Gongaga Region. You can get there once you start Chapter 9 Main Scenario, Freeflier Pilot.

ff7 rebirth weapon locations

Crystal Megaphone

How to get it: To find the Crystal Megaphone, go to the Observatory Treasury in Cosmo Canyon. You can enter from the Cliff of Observation – Lower Level after starting Chapter 10 Main Scenario, Higher Learning. Speak with the assistant outside the Cosmo Observatory after reaching this scenario to start the Discovery, Parting Gift. This will guide you to the nearby Treasury and help you open its door. Inside, you'll find the Crystal Megaphone Treasure Chest on the lowest level.

Golden Megaphone

How to get it: To find the Golden Megaphone, open the Treasure Chest with purple lights in the Specimen Testing room on the Mako Research Facility – Section W level of Shinra Manor during the Main Scenario, Escape Plan. This chest is in a cell behind a gate, which you can open by throwing a small wooden box at the wall-mounted button near the cell.


How to get it: To get the Gjallarhorn, take forty-five Chocograss to the Chocograss Collector at the Chocobo Sage's Manor in the Nibel Region. You can unlock the Chocograss Collector by finishing the Odd Job Esoteric Secrets of the Elders in the Nibel region. Look for the Chocograss floating above water sources in the Nibel region to gather what you need.

FF7 Rebirth Weapon Locations: Cait Sith Weapons
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