FF7 Rebirth Vincent – Can You Recruit Brooding Fighter?

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FF7 Rebirth Vincent – Can You Recruit Brooding Fighter?

The new Final Fantasy has some fan-favorite characters, but is there a FF7 Rebirth Vincent reimagining in the game?

One of the most exciting parts of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake hasn’t been the changes they’ve made, but seeing favorite characters reimagined in a stunning quality. Not everyone has been included so far though.

The first Remake included mainly the core cast. This second title has gone a lot further. The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth playable characters list contains a lot of the party members you’ll remember from the original. Is Vincent Valentine still in the game though?

The character has been hotly anticipated in this latest sequel, and devoted fans will be happy to know he is here! There is a new FF7 Rebirth take on Vincent. He’s had a few changes, but he can still end up in your party.

These are the differences, and how you can find and recruit Vincent into your party.

FF7 Rebirth Vincent – Is he in the Game Fully?

FF7 Rebirth Vincent

Vincent is one of the more fun characters you encounter in Final Fantasy 7 on any platform. He has a certain unique charm to him compared to the rest of your party. Vincent is in the game in a smaller way.

Get far enough in, and you'll find the FF7 Rebirth Vincent reimagining. However, he doesn’t fully join the fray like every other character. There’s a slight technicality between a party member and playable characters.

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Vincent Valentine in Rebirth can be recruited to your party! However, he’s more of a late-game addition. The character will join the party, but won’t be playable. He’s also a later addition.

His whole situation is closer to Red in the first Remake game than a core cast member. We get to see his introduction, new design, and how the upgraded graphics are treating him. However, we aren’t going to see him playable just yet.

It’s disappointing that he’s not in the game as a playable character. However, it’s a positive that we didn’t have to wait until the third remake to see him!

Is Vincent Valentine Going To Have a Bigger Role in the Future?

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At the moment, Vincent isn’t a playable character. However, since he’s joining the party, we might see him get an expanded role in the future. You don’t have to worry about finding his best FF7 Rebirth weapons just yet though.

A sequel or DLC to Rebirth will likely feature him a bit more prominently. While waiting can be disappointing, Vincent was an optional character originally. We could have only seen him in DLC in the first place, like Yuffie in FF7 Remake.

How can you track down this new FF7 Rebirth Vincent and see what changes they’ve made yourselves though?

Where To Find Vincent Valentine in Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth Vincent

Vincent is located in a similar spot to in the original game. Once you reach the Shinra Manor section of the story, you can find him in the underground.

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Unlike the original FF7, he’s a key part of the story this time. You won’t be able to miss him! To get past this point in the game you’ll need to find him.

This part of the game’s main story is in Chapter 11. It’s a decent way through the game, so if you’re only playing to sell his glow-up you’ve got a long way to go, a few FF7 bosses to beat first.

Thankfully, he’s easier to recruit this time though. You don’t need to solve a puzzle to get to him. It’s all part of the main game and mandatory to make progress.

Recruiting Vincent Valentine in Rebirth

EN 08 ff7rebirth SS 0207 Battle

After you’ve met Vincent, he’ll later join your party. This happens through the game’s story. It’s not missable. You don’t have to worry about gliding past him.

Once you recruit him though, he does play a smaller role. He isn’t controllable and doesn’t have a major role to play. It’s still great to see him popping up in a smaller role though.

This is one of a few parts of the game that might be set up for what’s coming next. To see FF7 Rebirth Vincent in player battles, we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Hopefully, he factors into whatever DLC the game eventually receives.

FF7 Rebirth Vincent – Can You Recruit Brooding Fighter?
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