FF16 The Rising Tide Release Date, Info and More

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FF16 The Rising Tide Release Date, Info and More

Here is everything we learned about FF16 The Rising Tide from the panel at PAX.

Final Fantasy 16 was released in 2023 to enormous fanfare. Square Enix went all out with its all-new action-orientated take on Final Fantasy, courtesy of the team behind Final Fantasy 14. Its first mini DLC “Echoes of the Fallen” was a resounding success which added a new dungeon and boss fight to the game's endgame.

The Rising Tide DLC is supposed to be the final DLC for FF16 and will bring the player to Mysidia and reunite Clive and his band of outlaws for one last adventure. So here is everything we learned from the developer panel at PAX East 2024.

FF16 The Rising Tide Release Date

Let's get the big one out of the way first. The FF16 The Rising Tide DLC has a Release Date. April 18, 2024, for the PlayStation 5. It's part of the game's expansion pass you can buy right now which includes the already released Echoes of the Fallen DLC.

This one promises to be much larger though. Not only is Clive gaining all-new abilities, but the DLC will also include several new gameplay modes as well as a new zone and a brand new chapter to the game's story. We don't know much about the length of this story, but we do know that it takes place before the game's final battle.

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New FF16 The Rising Tide Info

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The main attraction of the new DLC is Mysidia which some FF fans might remember from Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 4. This all-new continent is to the north of Valisthea and the home of the missing Eikon Leviathan.

We haven't seen much in terms of story, but the visuals from the trailer promise a lush, mysterious open zone that rivals the game's already existing ones. There'll also be new towns, new quests, and new challenges for players to tackle on top of at least one more bombastic Eikon battle.

One of The Rising Tide's defining features will be the End Game Combat Challenge called “Kairos Gate” which is Final Fantasy 16's version of Devil May Cry's Bloody Palace. It consists of 20 combat stages where you earn points and materials to upgrade Clive's combat abilities.

These will also be available on the special Final Fantasy Difficulty which was part of the Main Game's Arcade mode. Completing all these challenges on Final Fantasy Difficulty while earning an S Rank, will also unlock a final stage and a final final secret boss to top it all off.

This mode on the highest difficulty is designed for players who really want to compete on the global leaderboards and prove that they are the very best.

On top of the Content Updates, Final Fantasy 16 will also receive its 1.3 patch which includes a variety of Quality of Life Improvements. Some improvements to the game's performance and Photomode are a given but a new feature is the Side Quest autocomplete function which will let you directly return to a quest giver after completing its objectives.

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Image: Square Enix

FF16 PC Version Update

While there's no timeframe given for the release of the PC Version of FF16, the developers told us that they are currently in the final stages of optimization. So you can expect the PC port of Final Fantasy 16 to land sometime later this year, but we'll keep you updated on that.

FF16 x FF14 Collaboration Event

Then there is also the Final Fantasy 14 Collaboration Event which will take place in the critically acclaimed MMORPG. That event is planned for early April and will allow players of Square Enix's MMORPG to team up with Clive and earn his clothing as cosmetics and as Torgal as a mount.

For more on Final Fantasy 16, stay tuned as we'll have a lot more once the DLC is out while you're here make sure to check out our guides here.

FF16 The Rising Tide Release Date, Info and More
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