FC Schalke 04 Open Applications for LoL Academy Roster

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FC Schalke 04 Open Applications for LoL Academy Roster

Earlier today, it was announced via Twitter that renowned football team and established LEC franchise FC Schalke 04 would be holding open tryouts for their secondary line-up heading into the 2019 season. The tryouts are open to any Europe West player that hit Challenger or Master during Season 8.

The Academy lineup will compete in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Regional League, in this case, the ESL Premier Tour, in the hopes of securing a coveted EU Masters spot as well as providing substitute options for the main roster.

The only caveat of having the team compete in a regional league as such is that ⅗ of the team need to be DACH residents, but with the ESL Meisterschaft Winter Split coming to a close this Sunday 16th December, S04’s options for domestic players are better than ever. Championship contenders Mousesports, Aequilibritas Esports, Euronics Gaming, and even future LEC rivals SK Gaming all plan on releasing certain key (or all) players from contract after this final tournament of the year – not to mention the six other competitors in the tournament, some of whom only narrowly missed playoffs themselves.

These open tryouts come following superstar jungler Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider’s transition toward a more behind-the-scenes role within the organization, officially taking on the title of Strategic Manager earlier in the week. More good news for fans of S04’s strategic staff comes in the form of their earlier signing of Worlds-finalist coach Dylan Falco, who left Fnatic shortly after the deepest run a Western team had made at the prestigious event in over seven years.

Further information and a link to the application form can be found here through Schalke’s Tweet. Best of luck if you plan to apply!

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