Fall 2021’s Most Competitive Online Games

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Fall 2021’s Most Competitive Online Games

We take a look at the most competitive online games for Fall 2021.

While esports may have been confined to dimly-lit arcades in the past, it is now a multi-billion dollar industry. This is fueled by a bustling online community that connects gamers from all corners of the globe and has fostered an immensely competitive scene. Video games have come a long way since the industry started and are a natural progression in the history of gaming.

Before video games, people of all backgrounds flocked to traditional casino games like blackjack and craps. In fact, countless figures in history were frequent gaming enthusiasts like Lorenzo de' Medici or Napoleon Bonaparte. Lorenzo de Medici often mentioned casino games such as La Balleta or Il Frusso in poetry, while Napoleon Bonaparte enjoyed games with deep strategy. Eventually, mankind’s love for gaming led to video games and now esports is the next evolution.

With fall just around the corner, here are the most competitive games to enjoy inside during the coming colder months.

Pokemon Unite

MOBAs may be all the rage right now but this title was a complete surprise. Pokemon Unite is one of the newest additions to the genre and despite initial skepticism, the format just works somehow. Here you control classic Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Gengar, Snorlax and others as you compete in standard lane-based MOBA combat while trying to overpower your opponents. Sure this game has a more casual feel to it, but it is quickly building up a fanbase that enjoys the unique mechanics behind it.


Fortnite burst onto the scene in 2017 and has been an esports titan ever since. With massive tournaments happening around the world with lucrative prizes, this game is unlikely to fall out of favor anytime soon. Its unique building mechanic puts it in a different category than most other games you will encounter and its run and gun style is thrilling. With over 100 million monthly users you will never find yourself without top competition available to compete against.

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Halo Infinite

Halo fans have been waiting a long time for a true main-series chapter to be released and they are finally getting it this year. While it is currently just in open beta, it is quickly amassing a huge player base as streamers dive into the new mechanics and style of gameplay that is present here. Regardless of the official late 2021 release date, this is a competitive title right now and will only gain more players as we get closer to the launch.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the best free-to-play battle royale shooters you can pick up right now. It reportedly has over 100 million players and has received top scores from IGN and PC Gamer. Apex Legends sets itself apart with fast-paced chaotic gameplay and in-depth maneuvers that make you feel like you have a lot of control over your character. In addition, new characters and abilities are being released all the time. This helps the game stay fresh and interesting as it brings in new gameplay elements and styles.

Tekken 7

Fighting games will always have a niche spot in the world of esports. While most of these titles only manage to drum up a small but dedicated user base, Tekken 7 has wide appeal and is a popular fixture of many esports tournaments. The game utilizes slow-motion at key moments that creates a tense atmosphere as you and your opponent both wait to see who connects first. In addition, new “seasons” are released regularly that bring new characters, updated move lists, and quality of life changes to the coding.

League of Legends

For most gamers, League of Legends is the best MOBA on the market today. Somehow even after more than a decade this game manages to feel fresh and compelling. This is likely due to the deep mechanics that power this title as there is simply so much to learn and new strategies to develop. The strength of League of Legends comes from its roster of unique characters that all operate in different ways meaning the amount of combinations on a team are endless. This means that there are countless different gameplay styles that you can choose to utilize.

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