Falcons Sign Team Vitality Coach and Psychiatrist

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Falcons Sign Team Vitality Coach and Psychiatrist

It has now been confirmed that Falcons will bring in Team Vitality coach Danny “⁠zonic⁠” Sørensen and sports psychiatrist Lars Christian Robl


Falcons Sign Team Vitality Coach and Psychiatrist


The Falcons are set to welcome Danny “zonic” Sørensen and Lars Christian Robl this November as their new coach and sports psychiatrist, respectively. The duo, who currently work for French powerhouse Vitality, confirmed their move in a recent exclusive interview with Dexerto. It's worth noting that this move was initially hinted at by retired French professional player Sebastien “KRL” Perez during a livestream on Monday and has now been formally acknowledged.

Why did the Duo Jump Ship from Team Vitality to Falcons?

The impetus for this move can be traced back to a report by Dust2.dk, which outlined Vitality's proposal for the Danish player to lower his salary during contract renegotiations. These negotiations were instigated due to the upcoming expiration of his contract, originally intended to run until the end of 2023.

It signified a challenging juncture in the contractual relationship between the 37-year-old and the organization, prompting him to explore alternative opportunities, ultimately leading to their decision to join the Falcons.

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Securing a signature as prestigious as that of zonic represents a monumental achievement and a significant coup for the Falcons organization, as they manage to lure him away from Vitality. This remarkable acquisition, prominently featured in Dexerto's interview with both zonic and Robl, highlights the magnitude of the transfer in the Counter-Strike world.

Zonic's renowned expertise and track record in coaching elevate the Falcons' strategic capabilities to new heights, and his addition symbolizes a pivotal moment in the Saudi outfit's journey toward success. Furthermore, Robl's role as a psychiatrist brings an entirely different dimension to the team's dynamics.

“It was not the money that drove me to this,” the outlet quotes Lars. “It was the role, the responsibility, and the freedom I got in the role to create something that I really believe in.”

“Of course, Falcons’ offer is really good, but so were the offers from Vitality and [another] organization,” zonic told Dexerto. “But for me, it has to be worth it. I need to fulfill my personal goal, which is to try and challenge myself. I understand the concerns, and it’s an easy narrative to make.”

Since 2018, zonic and Robl, the Danish pair, have been on a shared path. Their partnership solidified when they joined Vitality together, marking a pivotal moment in their professional odyssey. Interestingly, Falcons' primary attention was directed towards Robl alone, and the idea of a combined arrangement with both individuals wasn't initially on their radar.

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A defining moment transpired when Grant Rousseau, holding the role of Global Director of Esports and EU Operations at Falcons, became aware of zonic's pursuit of a new team. Upon recognizing the exceptional synergy and established history between these two individuals, Rousseau strategically opted to retain their partnership intact.

Falcons Sign Team Vitality Coach and Psychiatrist
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