Faker Inducted Into The ESL Esports Hall of Fame

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Faker Inducted Into The ESL Esports Hall of Fame

League of Legends superstar Lee Sang-hyeok, known better as “Faker”, has been inducted into the ESL Esports Hall of Fame. He is the first League of Legends player to be inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame. Faker was inducted via the first fan vote in the Esports Hall of Fame's history.

Faker is arguably the best LoL player in the world. His resume includes:

  • First South Korean to be named a Bonjwa.
  • 3 World Championship wins.
  • 6 LCK Championship wins.
  • First and only LoL player to make $1 million USD in career earnings.

ESL Official Statement:

“In a game which has seen such a rapid turnover of top talent and a meta which can veer from one extreme to another, it is a testament to Faker's excellence individually and as the cornerstone of the SK Telecom dynasty that he has been built around, to great success domestically and internationally, again and again. There have been many great players and champions in League history, but none have so thoroughly dominated their position or the game to the extent Faker has and as such he is considered one of the rare names to transcend his game and achieve esports-wide acclaim.”

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Source: ESL Gaming

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