F1 Manager 2023 Preload Time and Release Date – Everything We Know

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F1 Manager 2023 Preload Time and Release Date – Everything We Know

F1 Manager 2023 is nearly here so when can it be pre-loaded?

F1 Manager 2023 is the second instalment of the F1 Manager series. The game was originally released in the summer break of Formula 1 last year and was a game this type of sport has been missing for many years. As it was the first ever Formula 1 related strategy game developed by Frontier it was lacking in content and could make the game feel very repetitive at times. After listening to the community feedback the new game will have lots of new content to keep fans busy.

When will F1 Manager 2023 be released?

The standard edition is set to release on the 31st of July whereas the Deluxe Edition will be released four days prior (27th July) if you pre-order it before this date.

Pre-orders are currently open on Steam, Epic Games, Playstation 4/5 and Xbox One/ Series X/S. All platforms will receive the same product so there will be no bonus exclusive content.

If you pre-order the game you will receive three exclusive race moments including one for the all-new Las Vegas Strip Circuit. This will be a part of one of the new game modes for this game.

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The Standard Edition is priced at $54.99 / £44.99 / €54.99.

The Deluxe Edition is priced at $64.99 / £54.99 / € 64.99

F1 Manager 2023

F1 Manager 2023 Preload Time

F1 Manager 2023's preload time is not yet confirmed but the previous game was available to preload 48 hours before the pre-order bonus of early access. This means the game is expected to be open for preload on the 25th of July.

Pre-loading allows you to download the game before its initial release so you can play the game as soon as it is launched on your specific platform.

F1 Manager 2023

New Changes Coming to F1 Manager 2023

This new game will launch with over six new main features that will bring the game to life in hopes to give you a better experience than the previous game. Lots of fans thought that F1 Manager 2022 lacked in content so Frontier has worked hard over the last year to revive the series.

Race Replay is a side game mode that will give you real Formula 1 race experiences by bringing the actual races to the game. This mode will translate real-world scenarios from the 2023 Formula 1 season so you can take control of your favourite team or driver to change the outcome of the race. After launch day there will have been twelve races completed in the F1 calendar so you will be able to replay all these races while the summer break is happening. Unfortunately, Imola won't be playable as the race was cancelled this year due to flooding in the Emila Romagna region.

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Sprint races are also going to be included in the new game extending your race weekends but shortening practice time. Six race tracks will include sprint races. These will be Baku City (Azerbaijan), Red Bull Ring (Austria), Spa De Francorchamps (Belgium), Lusail International Circuit (Qatar), COTA (USA), Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Brazil). These are the exact same tracks that have sprint races in real life.

These features are set to give the game a more in-depth and real-to-life feel as you step foot into the world of F1 as a team manager. Who knows, your team may be the next Constructor Champions.

F1 Manager 2023

F1 Manager 2023 Gameplay

The F1 manager team has recently done a gameplay deep dive stream to give us a preview of what we are expecting to see on release day. This is available to watch on the game's YouTube Channel. In the hour-long video, it gives us a full rundown of what is to come in the new game including all the new features and more.

F1 Manager 2023 Preload Time and Release Date – Everything We Know
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