Exoprimal Tips and Tricks

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Exoprimal Tips and Tricks

Wanna get ahead in the Wargames? Here are our Exoprimal Tips and Tricks.

Exoprimal has been out for a couple of days now, and while some are still split on the quality of Capcom's latest title the gameplay is solid. And if you want to improve and make our AI-Overlord Leviathan happy, here are some tips and tricks.

Exoprimal Tips

exoprimal tips

If you want to get better at Exoprimal in general, we advise you to keep an eye on your score in the top-right corner of the screen. This score values your performance and goes up by doing whatever you're supposed to do. It mostly rewards fulfilling your role, playing objectives, and being a good teammate, try to stay conscious of it at all times.

Learn the Ins and Outs of your Exosuit

This might sound like very obvious advice but it comes from a good place. We for example only learned way into our playthrough that Nimbus' hologram can also revive fallen teammates. Every Exosuit in the game has some hidden tech you can work out at the firing range.

So before you jump into a match with a new suit or one you've never played. Try messing around with their abilities for a while and see what use cases you can come up with. Many abilities have more than one intended use.

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Focus on Objectives

Especially during dinosaur cull missions. You have no idea how often we've seen our team shoot through neverending waves of raptors while a Neosaurus was hiding away around a corner spamming objectives. So keep an eye on the kill objectives on screen.

This also goes for PvE objectives. The payload needs at least 3 people standing in its radius to move at maximum speed and points can be captured faster when several members of the team stand on it. In modes like Omegacharge, focusing on whoever carries the hammer on the enemy team can turn around any match.

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Play like in an MMORPG

For those unfamiliar with the concept, in MMORPG's the tank usually gathers all the enemies in one spot so the DPS can unload all their big attacks on them. This also works in Exoprimal, several of the suits have abilities that either deal massive area of effect damage or skills intended to group them up in one spot. Make use of those ability combinations.

Don't hold your Cooldowns

We often see players sit on their Ultimate skill or their more powerful abilities for the right moment. Don't do that. Sure don't waste your Ultimate on just one enemy but you shouldn't sit on it when there is a full room of dinosaurs to clear out. Cooldowns are short enough that you almost never have to worry about not having a skill ready to use. The rest really comes with experience.

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Build the Exosuit of Your Dreams

The modules are where a lot of the sauce of Exoprimals combat is hidden. Buffs to reload times, damage or even instant health regain are always welcome and you don't have to hone in on the character-specific modules either. You have enough wiggle room to customize your Exosuits exactly to your play style.

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Learn Multiple Roles/Suits

Later on, you'll learn that being able to switch suits on the fly is an invaluable skill. We all have our favorites but sometimes you just don't have the right suit for the job. PvP scenarios might require more firepower or an additional tank and being able to switch in and out of being a supporter is usually a great move.

Nail Headshots or Weakspots

You probably know that you can attack a weak point for massive damage. For your fellow Exofighters it's their head, for some of the dinosaurs, this is a bit more complicated. This is important because hitting a weak point does not only deal damage, it can even cause a knockdown on some of the bigger dinos.

The Triceratops and Ankylosaurus' weak points are underneath which you can snipe from a distance if you have the right angle. Neosaurs are universally weak to getting hit in the glowy bits. Mastering these weak points will do wonders for your score and your team's performance.

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Exoprimal Tips and Tricks
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