Exoprimal Tank Class and Exosuits

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Exoprimal Tank Class and Exosuits

Selecting your class is crucial in the action game Exoprimal. We choose to concentrate on one of the game's three classes, the Exoprimal Tank class, in this post. In order to provide you with a clear and comprehensive understanding of everything there is to know about this class of Exoprimal, we will first provide a basic review of what the class is and its key characteristics. Then, we will delve deeper into the issue by discussing its variations, specifically Krieger, Murasame, and Roadblock.

Exoprimal Tank class Exosuits and overview

By diverting the attention of the enemy hordes and absorbing damage with their superior armor, the Tank class excels in protecting the lives of their teammates. These strong fighters are the team's first line of defense at all times, positioning themselves in the front row to shield the other players from the opponent's continual onslaught.

Tanks create an impenetrable barrier that ensures the safety and well-being of their friends, allowing them to confidently focus on their individual roles and strategies. This barrier is made up of Tanks, who have unyielding resilience and protective skills. If you are a player who prefers to be a defensive class and likes to give support to other players, this is the right variant to choose.

Exoprimal Krieger Exosuit

Due to its minigun's ability to fire a spectacular and suppressive torrent of continuous gunfire, the Krieger Exosuit is the best option for those desiring an unrelenting deluge of weaponry. While lacking in speed, this Exosuit makes up for it with superb armor, which ensures its own survival among the mayhem of battle. You will be able to easily dispatch waves of dinosaurs while using the Krieger Exosuit to erupt suppressive firestorms that completely destroy your adversaries.

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The Krieger a: Charge Shotgun variant features this unique weapon which has a chargeable shotgun mechanism, enabling you to unleash devastating scatter shots across a wide range or opt for a more focused and concentrated fire. By utilizing a compressed shot, you can send smaller dinosaurs hurtling through the air, causing damage not only to their unfortunate target but also to any other dinosaurs they collide with upon landing. This extraordinary feature allows you to strategically manipulate the battlefield, inflicting havoc and maximizing the efficiency of each shot.

exoprimal krieger

Exoprimal Murasame Exosuit

With its powerful name-brand blade at its disposal, the Murasame Exosuit epitomizes the attributes of a melee-focused tank. This Exosuit effortlessly destroys adversaries with a single broad swing, leaving a path of devastation in its wake. The Murasame makes up for its lack of swiftness with superior armor, a trait shared by all members of the Tank class. Zephyr, its counterpart, is faster than it is, but the Murasame is more armored. In close-quarters battle, this Exosuit is designed specifically for front-line encounters.

The Murasame a: Frost Glaive variant gives the battlefield an extra layer of tactical skill. This Exosuit gathers energy by deftly repelling opposing assaults in order to power up for a deadly counterattack. When the energy is at its highest, a ground-wave attack is launched, covering the surrounding region with a chilly frost. When an enemy is frozen in their tracks by this wave of cold power, they become open targets for further attacks. The Murasame Exosuit gives you both offensive and defensive benefits by enabling you to freeze opponents, rendering them helpless and allowing you to effectively command the battlefield.

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exoprimal murasame

Exoprimal Roadblock Exosuit

The Roadblock Exosuit stands out with its prominent feature—an imposing giant shield that serves as a vital tool for protecting your team. As a member of the Tank class, this Exosuit excels in frontline defense, particularly when it comes to safeguarding your more vulnerable teammates. Thanks to its exceptional armor rating, the Roadblock is recognized as one of the most resilient Exosuits available, capable of enduring punishing attacks.

The Roadblock a: Fortress Shield variant enhances the utility of its energy shields, providing even greater versatility on the battlefield. With the added capability of a mounted shotgun, which releases buckshot in powerful waves, the Roadblock a: Fortress Shield variant allows you to draw the attention of enemies away from your teammates. By skillfully employing the shield mounted on this Exosuit's arm, you can divert the focus of adversaries, creating a window of opportunity to swiftly eliminate them. By effectively utilizing the shield to reposition and engage enemies, you will prove yourself as an invaluable asset on the frontline, ensuring the safety and survival of your more delicate allies.

exoprimal roadblock

Exoprimal Tank Class and Exosuits
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