Exoprimal Support Class and Exosuits

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Exoprimal Support Class and Exosuits

In the action game Exoprimal, choosing your class is vital. In this article, we have decided to focus on the Exoprimal Support class, one of the game's three classes. We will first give a brief overview of the class and its main features in order to give you a thorough knowledge of everything there is to know about this class of Exoprimal. Then, we will go further into the subject by talking about some of its variants, notably Nimbus, Skywave, and Witch Doctor.

Exoprimal Support class Exosuits and overview

Exoprimal Support class is equipped with a broad range of skills that are all tailored to ensure the team's utmost effectiveness. This class acts as the rock-solid foundation upon which everyone depends, largely because of their extraordinary capacity to repair severely damaged Exosuits.

The Support class has a wide range of abilities in addition to their life-saving mending abilities, allowing them to have a considerable impact on how conflicts play out. These abilities can help or hurt various parts of warfare. The Support class has the capacity to alter the course of any given conflict thanks to its variety of skills that are designed to strengthen allies and weaken enemies.

Exoprimal Nimbus Exosuit

The Nimbus Exosuit successfully completes its mission by achieving a careful balance between offensive prowess and critical teammate assistance, ensuring that neither aspect is compromised. This amazing Exosuit has the versatility of two selectable fire modes, enabling users to easily switch between dealing harm to adversaries and providing beneficial healing to teammates. The Nimbus exhibits outstanding mobility in dangerous situations, allowing for quick and rapid evasions in any direction and safeguarding the safety of the pilot.

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The Nimbus: a Double Barrel variant enhances this Exosuit's potential even further. The Exosuit is made more useful with the addition of two potent shotguns, allowing it to be used to both destroy enemies and heal teammates who are in need of assistance. Shotgun projectiles spread out extensively during close-quarters combat, covering a big area and dealing serious damage to any enemies unlucky enough to be in the line of fire. The Nimbus Exosuit is a potent force on the battlefield with its dual utility and lethal close-range weapons, deftly mixing offense and support to help the success of its team.

exoprimal nimbus

Exoprimal Skywave Exosuit

Being the only Exosuit with the capacity to fly, Skywave enjoys an unmatched advantage over other Exosuits. On the battlefield, Skywave stands out from its competitors thanks to this unique quality that gives it a significant advantage. The primary skill of the Exosuit is debuffing adversaries by hindering their movement, thus slowing them down. The squad gains a significant advantage from this tactical move, gaining precious time to fend off oncoming hordes. As a result, it becomes a key technique for winning the battle.

This Exosuit's strength is increased even further by the Skywave a: Thunderclap variant. In addition to incapacitating dinosaurs, it has the power to cause them to become paralyzed in their tracks by harnessing the capacity to call down lightning bolts from the skies. By charging it, you can increase the lightning bolt's power even further, dealing significant damage to enemies. The pilot is then faced with a strategic decision: to impede the enemies' movements by debuffing them or to strike them down with a devastating blow.

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exoprimal skywave

Exoprimal Witch Doctor Exosuit

The Witch Doctor should be your first port of call if your health is running low. The technique of mending and boosting the talents of their comrades is one that this particular Exosuit excels at. The Witch Doctor swiftly maneuvers the battlefield while repairing allies and giving them a large speed boost thanks to its exceptional agility. It makes sense that the Witch Doctor is considered to be among the best Support Exosuits in the game.

This Exosuit receives an extra edge if it is equipped with the Witch Doctor a: Duality Beam variant. It is amazingly capable of releasing beams that can either heal far-off comrades or harm enemies. In addition, the effects of healing and harming become more intense the more frequently these beams hit the same area.

exoprimal witch doctor

Exoprimal Support Class and Exosuits
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