Exoprimal Assault Class and Exosuits

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Exoprimal Assault Class and Exosuits

Exoprimal is an action game where choosing your class is very important. In this article, we decided to focus our attention on one of the three classes in the game, the Exoprimal Assault class. After giving a general overview of what the class is and its main features, we will deepen the question by also talking about its variants, to be precise: Barrage, Deadeye, Zephyr, and Vigilant; this way, you will have a clear and complete view of everything there is to know about this class of Exoprimal.

Exoprimal Assault class Exosuits and overview

The Assault class, as you can already understand from the name itself, is focused on inflicting damage to dinosaurs from different ranges. This class has at its disposal four different variants, each of them with different loadouts. For this reason, it is essential to be aware of all the features by which they are characterized so as not to be taken by surprise. Indeed, each Exosuit is able to defeat enemies with skills and weapons that adapt to their combat range.

Thanks to the fact that it is such a versatile class and that it can be used for any type of combat, it can be considered the best class when it comes to fighting against dinosaurs. If you are a player who loves a more frantic combat and loves real action, the Exoprimal Assault class is definitely the best choice for you.

Exoprimal Barrage Exosuit

The Barrage Exosuit is capable of setting opponents on fire, as well as being able to blast enemies from afar. This Assault class Exosuit is the ideal one for all players who want to destroy large groups of enemies and who therefore want to carry out real carnage. Furthermore, this Exosuit is equipped with grenades and incendiary rounds which prove to be very useful in PvE, thanks to the fact that they are able to exterminate hordes of enemies in the blink of an eye.

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Its Barrage variant a: Rocket Hop gives this Exosuit the ability to make use of a grenade launcher that can be charged to deal even more damage and to increase the radius of explosions. Additionally, you can also make use of the force that comes from the rocket blast to leap high into the air and strike all enemies from above, minimizing damage taken but increasing damage dealt.

exoprimal barrage

Exoprimal Deadeye Exosuit

All players who are looking for an Exosuit that is able to fight at any type of range with excellent effectiveness, the Assault class Deadeye Exosuit is definitely the right choice. However, this Exosuit specializes in medium to long-range combat thanks to the use of its low-recoil assault rifle. As for close combat, however, the Deadeye is able to keep enemies at bay by making use of its powerful palm strike which is able to repel them.

The Deadeye a: Burst Fire variant is equipped with a shotgun that is ideal for short-range combat. When you use the shotgun to aim down the sights, it will turn into a five-shot burst fire. This feature in particular is what allows us to say that this Exosuit is ideal for fighting at any type of range and is therefore perfect for those with a varied play style and not based on a single technique.

exoprimal deadeye

Exoprimal Zephyr Exosuit

The Exoprimal Zephyr Exosuit is ideal for players who favor a close-range fighting style, as it is a very aggressive Exosuit and excels in melee combat. Since it doesn't have very high armor-related stats, it could be considered the most difficult to master among the Assault Exosuits, so you will definitely have to get the hang of it and learn to dodge the blows of enemies in a masterful way. As a result, if you're not adept at hit-and-run game tactics, this probably isn't the best class for you.

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The Zephyr a: Energy Chakram variant gives the Exosuit greater offensive capabilities in mid-range combat. He is able to fire energy halos from his arm chakram, which allows this variant of the Exosuit to deal damage to enemies that are even at a good distance, thanks to more powerful attacks (at least until you are able to keep distance from enemies).

exoprimal zephyr

Exoprimal Vigilant Exosuit

The Vigilant Exosuit is the one suitable for long-range combat, so all players who favor this type of approach will find bread for their teeth. Of all the Assault class Exosuits it is the one that has the greatest potential to do damage from long range. This is a suitable Exosuit for snipers and marksmen who prefer to fight from a distance, staying away from the real action and therefore relatively safe. It goes without saying that, however, to use the Vigilant you will need a bit of strategy, in order to unlock and exploit its full potential, also making use of the environment around you.

The Vigilant variant a: Marksmen gives this Exosuit a semi-automatic rifle capable of firing one bullet at a time. Once you land a couple of hits, the next one will have the ability to deal more damage and therefore be able to take more life from enemies. Furthermore, precisely because of its characteristics, this Exosuit is the one with better maneuvers and greater agility which allows it to avoid enemies more easily than other Exosuits.

exoprimal vigilant

Exoprimal Assault Class and Exosuits
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