Excel Esports Rebrands To Excel, Sporting ‘The Power Of Better’ As A New Motto

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Excel Esports Rebrands To Excel, Sporting ‘The Power Of Better’ As A New Motto

Excel Esports is now just Excel after a rebranding move.

The United Kingdom-based esports organization Excel Esports announced today that it has rebranded to Excel, promising ‘The Power of Better' for its fans, followers and players. Excel currently possesses a Fortnite player, World Cup runner-up Jayden “Wolfiez” Ashman, and will soon announce full League of Legends rosters for the LEC and NLC. The UK-based organization also launched a new line of merchandise in coordination with the rebranding. Founder and chief gaming officer (CGO) Kieran Holmes-Darby stands firmly behind Excel, promising, “This is not different, it's just better,” in a comment to League of Legends Esports.

“The Power of Better”

Excel's rebranding announcement video features the organization's top players, including professional Fortnite player Wolfiez and some clips from its League of Legends rosters. CGO Kieran Holmes-Darby provided more insight into Excel's mindset moving forward to LoL Esports, stating, “We are learning year-on-year, season-on-season, how to get the most out of our players and empower them to be the best versions of themselves.” Excel recently saw two of its players, Caedrel and Special, exit the team after a seventh-place finish at LEC Summer. However, Holmes-Darby is sure that the rebrand will breathe new life into an already promising LEC lineup.

“The Power of Better embodies everything Excel has stood for since day one,” said Holmes-Darby to LoL Esports. “We have always wanted to improve every aspect of our business and ensure we are getting better every day. We will never lose sight of the fact that first and foremost we are an esports team, and thus ‘The Power of Better' starts with our performances in-game – we want to have our most successful seasons ever back-to-back.”

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Onward and Upward

Excel CEO Wouter Sleijffers commented on the organization's thirst for victory in the new year. “We hope to bring to the LEC a fresh and different team. Not different for the sake of being different but different since we're smart and creative people who forge their own path based on their own beliefs,” he told LoL Esports. With Kryze, Patrik and Tore still under contract, Excel will need two crucial additions to fill out its roster. Sporting a new motto and name, the organization formerly known as Excel Esports will represent its new colors well in 2021 under a more refined brand.

Source: LoL Esports

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