Everything We Know About the PS VR2 So Far

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Everything We Know About the PS VR2 So Far

We’ve now got a firm release date and price for Sony’s second-generation PS VR2!

The PlayStation 5 is a little into its life now, but some players are still waiting for the PS VR2! This is going to be the next-gen iteration of Sony’s virtual reality headset. After a few teases, we’ve now got full details of the PS VR2. There’s a price, release date, and even exclusive titles from some of Sony’s biggest franchises.

The PS VR2 is launching quite a bit after the main console. However, its release date is now fast approaching. Announcements of more details are coming thick and fast. We know quite a bit about the device’s specs, improvements, and the new features that are coming to the next-gen device. Along with a fairly shocking price point and PS VR2 release date. This is everything we know about the PS VR2 so far.

Everything we Know About the PS VR2


PS VR2 Release Date

The release date for the PS VR 2 has now been unveiled! For a while, Sony only let players know it was launching in a vague 2023 window. It does seem like we’ve hit the earlier portion of that initial estimate though. The PSVR 2 is going to launch on February 22 2022.

This release date is going to be for both the headset itself, its controllers, and some of the initial games that are coming to the platform.

PS VR2 Price


The PS VR2 is going to have a much better set of technical specs, which brings up the delicate topic of the price. The PS VR isn’t the only VR headset on the market. Some expected more competitive pricing this time around to reflect that. Although, it seems like Sony is instead going for a significant price bump. It’s actually going to cost more than the PS5 itself. This is how the pricing breaks down:

PS VR 2 (Headset and Sense Controllers)

  • $549.99
  • €99
  • £529.99
  • ¥74,980

 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle (PS VR 2, Controllers, and Game)

  • $599.99
  • €99
  • £269.99
  • ¥79,980

Charging Station

  • $49.99
  • €99
  • £39.99
  • ¥5,480

These prices are quite a bit more than the original PS VR. There’s inflation to factor in. However, even scaled to the increased price of PS5 games over PS4 and the new console’s higher price tag, this is substantial.

PS VR2 Pre-Orders

For those who just can’t wait to jump on the PS VR 2, there are pre-orders opening up soon. Participating retailers will be offering PS VR2 pre-orders from November 15th.  These will be available in the U.S, U.K, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Pre-orders are available for the larger bundles that come with the PS VR 2. However, they’re also available for just the headset, if anyone is trying to rein in the price a bit.

PS VR 2 Features

See-Through View

PS VR2 - See-Through

One of the most impressive new features coming to the PlayStation VR2 is going to be the See-Through View. This is a new feature that should help to get around one of the biggest problems with actually playing with a VR headset to date.

This is going to allow you to make the PlayStation VR’s viewscreens see-through, to actually look at your surroundings. This is going to be helpful for looking down and seeing where the new sense controllers actually are without having to remove the whole headset. You can utilize this feature to quickly check on your surroundings and to cut down on the disorientation that comes with the headset.

In terms of how it’s actually going to be implemented, this isn’t some breakthrough screen that can turn transparent. The PS VR2’s front-facing camera is instead going to be able to show you a live feed of the view in front of you. This is a creative way around the issue. You can’t record with this view turned on, though.

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You can access this feature through the control center to quickly switch to the real-world view.

PS VR2 Broadcasts

PS VR2 - Broadcast Feature

A new feature for this VR device is going to be allowing recording of your surroundings to happen while you’re playing. You will now be able to film yourself and the play area while you’re in the middle of a game. This is going to be a big help for anyone using the headset for streaming.

Customizable Play Area


The PS VR 2 is getting more usable and adaptable to less-than-perfect play areas. The old PS VR had an irritating problem of frequently getting upset by interference from things in your room. The new cameras and sense controllers for the PS VR 2 will map your room to cut down on this.

These sensors will scan your surroundings and change your play area to one that’s safe. This is impressive and it’s going to make actually playing the PS VR2 much easier. You’ll be warned if you’re approaching the boundary of the safe play area. Since you can change the play area this time, it’s a lot easier to make gameplay comfortable with the PS VR2.

Specs and VR Mode

PS VR2 -

We’ve recently gotten more news on the specs and PS VR2’s VR Mode. This is the way you use the headset for actual VR content. It’ll be played with a 360-degree view. The content is getting displayed in full 4,000×2040 HDR video format. Each eye will have a 2000×2040 screen for it. These screens will also have a 90Hz/120Hz frame rate. This is a decent improvement over the standard display in-game.

The original PSVR has a resolution of 960×1080 per eye. The new one is a considerable jump up, with a near 4x increase in the screen’s MP. That’s a great improvement.

In terms of other specs, the headset is going to feature improved eye tracking, scaling resolution, and a 4K HDR OLED screen. The headset is also going to support haptic feedback, similar to the DualSense. The headset will be compatible with 3D audio too, for a major improvement to how the headset handles.

These are the full specs for the PS VR 2:

  • Displays – OLED
  • Panel Resolution – 2000 x 2040 per eye
  • Panel Refresh Rate – 90Hz, 120 Hz
  • Lens Separation – Adjustable
  • Field of View – Approx 110 degrees.
  • Sensors – Six-axis motion sensing, three-axis gyroscope, IR proximity sensor
  • Cameras – 4 cameras an IR camera for eye tracking.
  • Feedback – Headset vibration
  • Cable – USB Type-C
  • Audio – Build in Microphone and headphone jack.

Cinematic Mode

Cinematic mode is one of the funnier aspects of the PS VR2. This is a unique view for playing non-VR content. This lets you play non-VR content in an epic arena using the headset.

You’re playing games on a virtual cinema screen here. The display for this mode is getting an improvement this time. You’re getting it displayed as a 1920×1080 resolution. It’ll also play at 24/60Hz, along with a 120Hz Frame Rate for some content. This is another big improvement over the original.


PS VR2 - Controllers

The PSVR can be playable with a standard controller, but last time around, Sony’s Move controllers were more specialist and made specifically for this device. With all the improvements in the DualSense, we can expect an uptick for the PS VR 2’s controllers this time, too. The new controllers for the system have been shown off a little.

The new PS VR2 controllers are going to feature haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and finger touch detection. They’ll be rounder, which should make them more comfortable to play at other times. These are being bundled in with the system which is a big improvement over the buy separately system with the original.


The headset itself is clearly the biggest thing to think about with the PS VR2! The new one has had some design changes. The headset is now closer to the PS5, matching up a lot closer.

The headset is going to be white, with a shape that is reminiscent of that console. For anyone who was hoping for a switch back to the black from Sony, this might be a bit disappointing!

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The headset is going to feature similar adjustable areas to fit different-sized heads, just like the original headset. There are also going to be more gaps and fans to increase ventilation. Fog ups were often a problem with the PS VR, so this is a nice change.

Another major innovation this time is that the headset is only going to be a single wire. This is a massive improvement. The original PS VR had a whole box set-up that required multiple HDMIs and other cables to come out of your PS4. This all went into a separate box for the headset, the headset itself, and the TV. If you used your PS VR regularly, it made the entire area around the PlayStation a bit of a spaghetti junction. This is a decent quality of life improvement here.

The PS VR2 Games

The original PS VR might have had some major flaws, but it also had some fun games. Titles like Astro Bot really showed what it could do. In the long run, a lot of fans were a bit disappointed by the support the headset received from Sony. Can we expect any better support for the VR 2?

Launch Games

The main launch title for the PS VR 2 is set to be Horizon Call of the Mountain. This is a spin-off title to Sony’s Horizon series, which started with Horizon Zero Dawn and recently got a sequel in Horizon Forbidden West. Currently, Sony is working on a TV adaptation and a remake of the first game which was released in 2017 and received a free upgrade to a PS5 version even more recently. That’s on top of this VR launch game.

The VR Horizon game is going to focus on a different character in the game’s post-apocalyptic world. This should be a fun immersive title for fans of the existing game. Horizon has a unique world which could make it a decent fit for VR gameplay, at least for big fans of the series.

Other PS VR 2 Games

PS VR2 - Resident evil VR

The Horizon spin-off is the main launch title you’ll see in bundles for the PS VR. However, there are plenty more titles coming too.

It looks like there will be some exclusive games coming in the early days of the console. Hopefully, some of these prove as much of a killer app as Astro Bot was for the PS VR. The VR 2 will also take advantage of the increased number of VR games available cross-platform now, with loads of games having VR components for other headsets already.

There have been quite a few new games announced with the PS VR 2 release date. That includes some weirder titles, like a VR version of the expansive cities skylines city builder, called Cities VR. Along with more Hello Neighbour.

Resident Evil’s VR titles were a major draw for the first headset. These will be making a return for the new platform. New Resident Evil games will have VR version support, as detailed in June’s State of Play. These are the announced games for the PS VR2 so far:

PS VR 2 Games

  • Among Us VR
  • After the Fall
  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  • Cities VR
  • Cosmonious High
  • Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue
  • Firmament
  • Jurassic Park Aftermath Collection
  • Low-Fi
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Pistol Whip VR
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Runner
  • Samurai Slaughter House
  • Sim Kayak VR Mirage
  • Tentacular
  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  • The Light Brigade
  • The Walking Dead
  • Zenith: The Last City

The PSVR 2 looks set to be a great improvement on the original. It’s got better specs, innovative new features like feedback, and even some major quality-of-life improvements like ditching the complex cable setup. Although, that comes with a bit of a trade-off.

The massively increased price is a bit of a source of concern. There is a better line-up of games compared to the original PS VR. Although, less dedicated VR gamers might be holding off to see if Sony can improve on support compared to the last headset, especially with the big increase in price.

Everything We Know About the PS VR2 So Far
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