Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man’s Sky Guide 2023

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Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man’s Sky Guide 2023

Are you a new explorer puzzled by the AtlasPass? Our extensive No Man's Sky will guide you through the steps to acquiring, crafting and using it

Have you ever found yourself on a distant planet in No Man's Sky, gazing longingly at locked containers and doors that seem to guard valuable secrets? If so, you're not alone. Countless players have encountered these enigmatic barriers, pondering how to access the hidden treasures.

The solution lies in obtaining an AtlasPass, a versatile tool capable of unlocking many possibilities within the game. This extensive guide will delve into the nitty-gritty of acquiring these passes , the materials required for crafting them, and how to maximize their unlocking potential in the ever-evolving universe of No Man's Sky in 2023.

The Journey to AtlasPasses

If you are having trouble understanding the details of all three 3 passes, fret no more. Here is everything you need to know about what these passes are, how to acquire them and how to unlock the secrets No Man's Sky has to offer to aid you in your journey through the endless cosmos.

AtlasPass V1: Your Entry-Level Key

The AtlasPass V1 is the initial step in your quest to unlock the secrets of No Man's Sky. This Constructed Technology functions as a one-time crafting investment, providing you with infinite unlocks. It acts as your key to a world filled with opportunities.

Blueprint Procurement: There are two primary methods to obtain the blueprint for the first version of the pass. You can search for it within Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres scattered across planets, engaging in a puzzle-solving challenge to secure it. Alternatively, you can purchase it for 250 NANITES from the Synthesis Laboratory, a research terminal located within the enigmatic Space Anomaly.

Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man's Sky Guide 2023
Credit: EuroGamer

Crafting Components: To craft the AtlasPass V1, you'll require the following materials:

  • Copper x200
  • Microprocessor x1

Gathering these components allows you to effortlessly craft the AtlasPass V1, which predominantly opens barrel-type Cargo Drops scattered across planetary landscapes. These drops often conceal valuable resources, offering an excellent way to bolster your inventory during your explorations.

AtlasPass V2: Unlocking Deeper Mysteries

The AtlasPass V2 elevates your unlocking capabilities, granting access to previously unreachable areas within Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres. Like its predecessor, it operates as a Constructed Technology, crafted once and used indefinitely.

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Blueprint Acquisition: To obtain the blueprint for AtlasPass V2, explore Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres similarly to the first pass. Alternatively, you can acquire it by spending 250 NANITES at the Synthesis Laboratory, found within the enigmatic Space Anomaly.

Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man's Sky Guide 2023
Credit: WikiHow Fun

Crafting Requirements: Crafting the AtlasPass V2 mandates the following components:

  • Cadmium x200
  • Microprocessor x1

Cadmium, a rare resource, is found on red-star orbiting planets. To access these planets and mine this valuable material, you'll need a Cadmium Drive. The AtlasPass V2 not only unlocks doors within Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres but also has the capability to unlock objects that necessitate the first pass too, making it an indispensable tool in your inventory.

AtlasPass V3: The Ultimate Key

The AtlasPass V3 stands as the zenith of unlocking technology in No Man's Sky. Like its predecessors, it serves as a Constructed Technology, crafted once and utilized infinitely. However, this pass has the exceptional ability to open doors located within space stations, affording access to high-level restricted areas and outpost systems.

Blueprint Procurement: Acquiring the blueprint for AtlasPass V3 involves similar methods to its predecessors. You can explore Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centers or procure it for 250 NANITES at the Synthesis Laboratory, found within the enigmatic Space Anomaly.

Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man's Sky Guide 2023
Credit: Reddit User NMSXHead

Crafting Components: Crafting the AtlasPass V3 necessitates the following components:

  • Emeril x200
  • Microprocessor x1

Emeril, another rare resource, is discovered on planets within green-star systems. Utilizing your Visor, seek out deposits and mine it with the Terrain Manipulator, akin to other metals. The AtlasPass V3 not only unlocks space station doors but can also unlock objects that require either of the first two passes, allowing you to streamline your inventory management and concentrate on exploration.

Where to Find the Synthesis Laboratory

Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man's Sky Guide 2023
Credit: NoMansSky Wiki

The Synthesis Laboratory is a valuable resource located within the enigmatic Space Anomaly, a giant mobile space station that exists beyond the constraints of time and space. This remarkable structure is a Point of Interest in various star systems, accessible to experienced Travelers during their journeys.

Originally inhabited solely by Priest Entity Nada, Specialist Polo, and the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, the Space Anomaly underwent a substantial transformation with the Beyond update. It evolved into a sprawling social hub accessible from anywhere in the universe. Here, Travelers can gather, interact, and embark on missions at The Nexus.

The Synthesis Laboratory, found within this dynamic Space Anomaly, serves as a product recipes research terminal, unlocking valuable recipes in exchange for 250 NANITES each. Its research trees align with those available at Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres, making it an indispensable destination for resourceful explorers.

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Additional Insights for AtlasPass Seekers

Save Your Progress

Throughout your journey in No Man's Sky, remember to save your progress regularly. Every landmark and significant location in the game typically includes a save point outside. This precaution ensures that you won't lose any progress should unforeseen challenges arise, such as encountering hostile Sentinels during your quest for an AtlasPass.

Crafting for Long-Term Use

It's imperative to note that these passes do not get consumed upon use. After crafting one of each pass type (V1, V2, and V3), they remain a permanent fixture in your inventory throughout your journey. Exercise caution to avoid accidentally selling them at a Trade Terminal, as they are invaluable tools essential to your exploration endeavors.

Acquiring and utilizing them in No Man's Sky can significantly enhance your gaming experience. These versatile tools unlock doors to concealed treasures and valuable resources, enabling you to unlock the full potential of the game's universe.

The Exclusive Fourth Pass

The AtlasPass V4 is not your ordinary virtual key in No Man's Sky. It's a physical cardboard device, a collector's item, created by Hello Games as part of the intriguing Waking Titan ARG. This exclusive pass was not distributed widely but rather sent to a select group of participants who engaged in the Waking Titan ARG. Various versions of these tangible passes exist, with 16-A and L-15 being the most common.

Acquiring one of these unique passes meant Hello Games physically shipped them to chosen individuals worldwide. Waking Titan, orchestrated by veteran puppet masters Alice & Smith, is an official alternate reality game (ARG) for No Man's Sky, involving a complex web of websites, phone numbers, and radio stations across the globe. It immerses players in a narrative centered around the cutting-edge technologies and experiments of the Atlas Foundation and its affiliated businesses.

Access the Universe with the AtlasPasses

By adhering to the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, you will undoubtedly become a master of exploration in the ever-expanding No Man's Sky universe in 2023. Embark on your journey, intrepid traveler, and unlock the mysteries that await you within the enigmatic Space Anomaly!

Everything About AtlasPasses: No Man’s Sky Guide 2023
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