Essential Tips and Tricks for United Penguin Kingdom to Build the Ideal Settlement

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Essential Tips and Tricks for United Penguin Kingdom to Build the Ideal Settlement

Here are some tips and tricks to help you build the perfect settlement in United Penguin Kingdom

Ever wondered what it’d be like to build a city just for penguins? Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer, thanks to the new city-building strategy game, United Penguin Kingdom.

In this fresh spin on the genre, you’re tasked with creating the perfect penguin paradise. But don’t let the cute premise fool you. United Penguin Kingdom is a deep, challenging strategy game at its core. You’ll need to carefully manage resources, brave harsh Antarctic conditions, and protect your penguin citizens from killer whales and thieving seals. 

It’s a true test of your city-planning and resource-management skills wrapped up in a cute little package. 

In this article, we’ll drop some helpful tips and tricks to make sure nothing stands in your way of creating the perfect penguin city. Let’s get started!

United Penguin Kingdom Tips and Tricks

Here are some expert tips to help make your penguin utopia a reality:

1. Don’t Skip the Tutorial

Our first tip may seem obvious, but it’s crucial – play through the tutorial! If you’re new to city-builders, United Penguin Kingdom’s tutorial will teach you the fundamentals, like resource management and the purpose of each settlement building.

It also introduces you to the user interface (HUD), showcasing how to monitor vital information such as your penguin population and food supply. Even for seasoned players, a refresher never hurts when diving into a new game.

2. Choose Your Difficulty Wisely

Make sure you choose a difficulty level that you’re comfortable with. United Penguin Kingdom offers a couple of difficulty options, and if you’re completely new to this type of game, use the Relax mode to give yourself an easy start. At this difficulty, you start with more resources and Gold. 

At a higher difficulty level, not only do your starting resources become lower, but you also start with fewer penguins. The production speed of your settlement also becomes slow. So once you become more in-tune with the game mechanics, you can crank the difficulty up to Survival if you want a real challenge.

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3. Start with a Plan

Like most city building sims, the early part of United Penguin Kingdom seems pretty easy. You build a couple of buildings, gather resources, and when you have a decent stock of Gold, you build some more. But if you don’t have any clear line of thought when you’re building your city, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

That’s why we recommend having a strategy when you’re building your first penguin settlement. Planting the starter buildings is easy enough. But make sure you think about how well the buildings that you’ll place in the future go with your starter buildings.

4. Power is Important

Power is an important resource in United Penguin Kingdom. Most of hte buildings in the game need Power or Cooling to function. Take the Trawling Dock, for instance – this essential structure produces food for your growing penguin population. However, without power, it simply can’t operate, leaving your settlers hungry and unhappy.

When it comes to generating power, you have a few options. In the early stages, Wind Turbines are your best bet. They only take up a small space and can provide power in a large area. So plant a couple of Wind Turbines and watch your city build up around them.

5. Build Roads 

We know what you’re thinking – why the heck would penguins need roads! And the thing is, in United Penguin Kingdom, your settlers won’t stop working just because you haven’t connected the buildings with roads.

However, they will move a lot slower through snow. By connecting your buildings with roads, you’ll be able to speed up the overall speed of your settlers and help them procure resources more efficiently. 

6. Be Smart with Your Defense

Setting up your defensive buildings around key structures is an important part of United Penguin Kingdom. One of the biggest nuisance you’ll have to deal with right from the getgo is the Seals that simply stroll into your settlement and steal your resources. 

But the biggest problem that you’ll have is when Killer Whales start attacking your buildings. You need to set up proper defense around your buildings if you want to protect your settlers and your resources. There are a lot of different defensive options available in the game, so make sure you understand what each of them does and place them smartly.

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Also, make sure you upgrade them when you get the chance. You’ll face an increasing number of attacks as the game goes on, and having upgraded defensive structures will help make your life a lot easier!

7. Build a Science Hub

Some of the best buildings in United Penguin Kingdom are hidden behind upgrades that you need to complete through the Science Hub. So setting up a Science Hub as early as you can is a good idea.

By building a Science Hub, you’ll get access to Snow Block Maker, Herbs Collector, and many other useful buildings that you can place around your city.

8. Don’t Ignore Happiness

Simply creating a sprawling city isn’t enough in the United Penguin Kingdom. You also need to ensure the happiness of your penguin citizens. You’ll see a Happiness meter at the top right side of your screen, right below your Village name.

Certain buildings can be built in your settlement to increase the Happiness of your settlers, such as an Ice Rink, Playground, or Cafe. The happier your settlers are, the faster they’ll gather resources and construct buildings.

9. Clear the Tasks

United Penguin Kingdom lets you build your city however you see fit. There’s no hand-holding here, and as long as you’ve got the resources and technologies unlocked, you can build anything you want. However, you do get some tasks in the game that you can complete for some extra resources.

We recommend completing these tasks as early as possible to give yourself a boost. It also increases your reputation which means more penguins will flock to your settlement over time.

United Penguin Kingdom is a pretty huge game with deep and intricate mechanics that you must learn to truly master the game. It might look all “cartoony-casual” at first glance. But when you’re trying to build the perfect Penguin settlement against all odds, things will start to get complicated pretty fast.

Hopefully, the tips and tricks that we dropped in this article should help you overcome any obstacles the game throws your way. So don’t give up, and start building your settlement all over again. Good luck!

Essential Tips and Tricks for United Penguin Kingdom to Build the Ideal Settlement
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