League of Legends: ESPN to Broadcast the LCS Playoffs and Finals

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League of Legends: ESPN to Broadcast the LCS Playoffs and Finals

The LCS has announced a partnership with ESPN today that will give more exposure to their esport. The remainder of the playoffs, including the Finals, will be broadcast on ESPN services. These broadcasts will be on both ESPN2 and the ESPN App.

The majority of games will be broadcast on ESPN2, with only tonight's series of 100 Thieves versus TSM and of the remaining games being on the app. At a time when IRL sporting events are all canceled, this news comes as little surprise. Despite having a largely different following, ESPN needs content that esports, and the LCS in particular, is happy to provide.

This partnership will potentially help bring new fans to the esports scene during a time where mainstream sports can't operate. But to long-time League of Legends fans, it's a new opportunity to watch with friends and family too.

All of the matches are still going to be broadcast on the usual platforms as well. So whether you watch on the LoLEsports site, YouTube or Twitch, you'll still be able to watch there freely. This is simply another option you may want to check out too! If you do want to, download the ESPN App to catch tonight's match live or the VODs of any upcoming games after they air.

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