ePremier League 23/24 Season with Jota – How to Register

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ePremier League 23/24 Season with Jota – How to Register

The ePremier League 23/24 is back for another year. We’ve got registrations open already for you to jump in, but one major player might be making a return too.

With a new season dawning and the release of EA FC 24, it’s time to start getting hyped for the return of the ePremier League. The tournament is coming back for another season this time played as EA FC 24 esports. This latest version of the league is the highest level esports event for UK Football. The ePremier League 23/24 season has a new chance for players to get involved, but one major name might be representing a different team this time around.

In a splashy trailer on Twitter, the professional league for EA FC 24 has announced a big return for the game. A pro football player, Diogo Jota, with a great rack record at FIFA esports is coming back for this season, seemingly representing a new team. What does this all mean for the ePremier League this year? With the schedule confirmed and sign ups open, players are ready to jump into the ePremier League. You can even get involved by signing up yourself. How will it all work though?

Diogo Jota Joins the ePremier League 23/24 with Liverpool

ePremier League 23/24

Diogo Jota is one of the biggest players currently active in the ePremier League 23/24. The player performed fantastically last season and is a great example of the crossover between the normal Premier League and ePremier League.

The player was part of Wolvers for a number of years, contributing heavily to their rise up to the Premier League. More recently though, he’s been at Liverpool. Which could been a bit of a clue about his return to the ePremier League. In a trailer for the latest season of EA FC 24 esports, it looks like Diogo Jota is getting involved again.

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Diogo Jota has been ranked as the number 1 player in FIFA esports in the past. He’s even ran his own esports team previously. In the past, the player has had some big achievements in FIFA esports so his return in the ePremier League would be a major change for things. He’s already a big part of the game though, featuring heavily in the best Liverpool formations.

If we’re looking at who the top teams to watch in the ePremier League 23/24, Jota definitely marks Liverpool out as a squad to keep an eye. At least if the trailer we’ve seen indicates he’s actively playing again. Who will he be competing against though? The ePremier League has a bigger format now, including a few open qualifiers we can look at.

ePremier League Returns

ePremier League 23/24

The E Premier League is back for another season very soon. This will be its sixth annual season with a few improvements this time around. The tournament will be played on the latest iteration, EA FC 24. There’s a £100,000 prize pool this time around too. The winning clubs will also gain entry to the UEFA eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championships. If Diogo Jota is taking part, he’ll likely make it through to this stage!

The new ePremier League 23/24 season will be kicking off on January 20 and 21. This will be the group stage with a wider field of competition. The four leading clubs, one from each group, will move through to the Grand Final.

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This second stage will take place on Saturday March 23. The top teams will compete in 1 v 1 matches to find the winning club. It’s only taking place over a few weekends. However, when we keep all of the qualifiers for signed up players in mind, it’s a much bigger event.  Players can register for the EA FC 24 ePremier League now.

How to Register for the EA FC 24 Esports 23/24

ePremier League 23/24

The ePremier League 23/24 is a more open tournament for EA FC 24 esports. Players can take part themselves if they sign up! There’s a longer journey through to take part though. Players can head to the official site to sign up. We’ll then see a few qualifying events take place. These will start getting played on November 2 and 3. You’ll have to pick a tournament to take part in for the qualifiers.

The qualifiers are played in a few sessions, starting 1 and 3 November. However, there’s also qualifiers taking place on 7 and 8, plus 16 and 17 November for EA FC 24 esports. These are followed by a final online qualifier playoff on 21 and 22 November. These are followed by Club Playoffs to get the chance to represent your favorite team in the EA FC 24 for the 23/24 season.

While some major players like Diogo Jota will be joining to represent their teams later in the ePremier League 23/24, the open nature means it’s anyone’s game. You could end up competing with the very best!

ePremier League 23/24 Season with Jota – How to Register
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