ePremier League 2023/24 Finals Schedule, Teams, and More

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ePremier League 2023/24 Finals Schedule, Teams, and More

Looking for the ePremier League 2023/24 Finals schedule? Wondering which teams are participating in the EA FC 24 rendition of domestic English football? You have come to the right place

The Premier League and EA Sports have revived the ePremier League for the 2023/24 season. The competition enables EA FC 24 players to represent their beloved club on the digital pitch. Beyond bragging rights, the competition features a £100,000 prize pool. Moreover, it serves as a qualifying route for the UEFA eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championships. Here is everything you need to know about the ePremier League 2023/24 Finals schedule, teams, and more.

ePremier League 2023/24 Format: Road to Finals

The ePremier League 2023/24 Finals bring together 40 professional EA FC 24 players, each representing one of the 20 teams from the current Premier League season. This competition is exclusive to UK residents aged 16 and above. Following registration, players participate in a sequence of online qualification tournaments, held in November of the previous year, where only the top performers progressed to the Club Playoffs.

After the initial qualification phase, each of the 20 Premier League clubs carefully chose two standout competitors to represent them during the two Finals weekends. The finals are slated for January 20 and January 21. Following these initial matches, four teams will secure a coveted spot in the Grand Finals, scheduled for March 23. For the remaining teams, a second opportunity awaits as they compete once again on Saturday, March 23, with the chance to join the Grand Final the following day.

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How to Watch the ePremier League 2023/24

The ePremier League 2023/24 matches are live-streamed on the official Premier League Twitch and YouTube channels.

ePremier League 2023/24 Prize Pool

The ePremier League 2023/24 has earmarked a total of £100,000 to be distributed among its participants. The allocation of the prize pool is outlined as follows:













ePremier League 2023/24 Finals Schedule: Group Stages

ePremier League 2023/24 Finals Schedule, Teams, and More

Credit: EA Sports

January 20

Group A, Round 1

Everton (Chris Jakeman, DanielZanieri-1996) 5-5 West Ham United (BrigArmy 17, GRK)

Manchester City (Tekkz, Bonanno) 8-7 Chelsea (JSharp, Conkai)

Group A, Round 2

Burnley (BradColston, SalmanAhmad) 3-10 Manchester City

Chelsea 2-2 West Ham United

Group A, Round 3

Everton 3-10 Chelsea

West Ham United 5-4 Chelsea

Group A, Round 4

Burnley 5-4 Everton

West Ham United 4-11 Manchester City

Group B, Round 1

Newcastle United (Painter, Bancs) 4-4 Brighton & Hove Albion (Jayden Groden, Marley)

Aston Villa (JNrownn, Cameronrock) 6-3 Sheffield United (Billyjoe96, MichaelFisher)

Group B, Round 2

Nottingham Forest (RedLac, GoalPoacher) 8-1 Aston Villa

Sheffield United 2-11 Brighton & Hove Albion

Group B, Round 3

Newcastle United 3-4 Sheffield United

Brighton & Hove Albion 6-6 Nottingham Forest

Group B, Round 4

Nottingham Forest 3-2 Newcastle United

Brighton & Hove Albion 7-4 Aston Villa

Group B, Round 5

Aston Villa 5-1 Newcastle United

Sheffield United 3-6 Nottingham Forest

January 21

Group C, Round 1

AFC Bournemouth (Nathan BP, VBD) 4-4 Wolverhampton Wanderers (MHaywxrd, xKaiHarris)

Crystal Palace (Shellzz, NiKSNEB) 6- 5 Luton Town (HarveyWxters, LukeDowning)

Group C, Round 2

Fulham (Joshhhh9, MessyFTG) 2-4 Crystal Palace

Luton 2-4 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Group C, Round 3

AFC Bournemouth 3-6 Luton Town

Wolverhampton Wanderers 7-3 Fulham

Group C, Round 4

All Dark and Darker Extraction Points Exact Locations (2024)

Fulham 4-6 AFC Bournemouth

Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-4 Crystal Palace

Group C, Round 5

Crystal Palace 3-5 AFC Bournemouth

Luton Town 7-2 Fulham

Group D, Round 1

Arsenal (EOJ2, RSD) 3-6 Manchester United (Dragon, David Murray)

Liverpool (Stingrayjr, Dariosh) 6- 3Brentford (The Artist, Gosipic)

Group D, Round 2

Tottenham Hotspur (Lyricz, Tom) 4-6 Liverpool

Brentford 6-2 Manchester United

Group D, Round 3

Arsenal 7-4 Brentford

Manchester United 2-8 Tottenham Hotspur

Group D, Round 4

Tottenham Hotspur 2-4 Arsenal

Manchester United 3-5 Liverpool

Group D, Round 5

Liverpool 6-6 Arsenal

Brentford 4-8 Tottenham Hotspur


Group A

  • Manchester City (22 points)
  • Chelsea (11 points)
  • West Ham United (9 points)
  • Everton (6 points)
  • Burnley (6 points)

Group B

  • Brighton & Hove Albion (17 points)
  • Nottingham Forest (14 points)
  • Aston Villa (11 points)
  • Newcastle United (7 points)
  • Sheffield United (5 points)

Group C

  • Luton Town (16 points, +4 GD)
  • Crystal Palace (16 points, +3 GD)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers (13 points)
  • Bournemouth (8 points)
  • Fulham (3 points)

Group D

  • Liverpool (16 points)
  • Arsenal (13 points)
  • Tottenham Hotspur (11 points)
  • Brentford (9 points)
  • Manchester United (8 points)

ePremier League 2023/24 Finals Schedule: Playoffs

March 23

Round 1

  • Chelsea vs Manchester United
  • Aston Villa vs Bournemouth
  • Nottingham Forest vs Fulham
  • West Ham vs Brentford
  • Crystal Palace vs Everton
  • Tottenham vs Newcastle United
  • Arsenal vs Sheffield United
  • Wolves vs Burnley

Round 2

  • Chelsea/Man United vs Aston Villa/ Bournemouth
  • Nottingham Forest/ Fulham vs West Ham/Brentford
  • Crystal Palace/ Everton vs Tottenham/Newcastle
  • Arsenal/ Sheffield vs Wolves/ Burnley

March 24


  • Manchester City vs Chelsea/ Man United/ Aston Villa/ Bournemouth
  • Luton Town vs Nottingham Forest/ Fulham/ West Ham/ Brentford
  • Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace/ Everton/ Tottenham/ Newcastle
  • Liverpool vs Arsenal/ Sheffield/ Wolves/ Burnley


  • QF 1 winner vs QF 2 winner
  • QF 3 winner vs QF 4 winner

Grand Final

ePremier League 2023/24 Finals Schedule, Teams, and More
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