EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Quarterfinals Matchups have been Drawn!

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EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Quarterfinals Matchups have been Drawn!

EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Quarterfinals, and the culmination of the Spring ERL’s is approaching it’s end, we finally know who plays against who in the first round of playoffs!

This Friday, the last matches of the EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Regular Season took place. While on Thursday, DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats and Team Heretics Academy squad Los Heretics made it out of Group A, and Team GO qualified alongside SK Gaming Prime from Group D, on Friday, it was Macko Esports that subverted everyone’s expectations when they finished first in Group C. Alongside the Italian team, Movistar Riders, Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition and LDLC OL were successful in getting to the playoffs. With all the teams qualified for the last hurdle of the first EMEA Masters this year, the Quarterfinals matches have been drawn – and fans of the second biggest European tournament are in for a treat for the next two weeks.

Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime

The only representative of the Italian ERL, the PG Nationals, Macko Esports are looking to make history. While there were some instances where an Italian team has success, with Mkers getting to quarters back in 2021, which was a relatively good year for the underperforming country. However, this year, Macko has finally lived up to the hype (and the fact that they directly qualified for the Main Event). Their first match doesn’t seem to be that hard either, as SK Gaming Prime (alongside Movistar Riders) is the team which had the weakest scoreline among every squad that qualified for playoffs.

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EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Quarterfinals The Lineup of Istanbul Wildcats

Istanbul Wildcats vs LDLC OL

This match will be played at the same time as the Macko – SKP showdown, and if you only have time (or only have one screen for EMEA Masters), the TCL – LFL match is one that should not disappoint. The Turkish League was demoted before the start of this competitive year, so they are trying to prove that Riot made a mistake by taking away their Major region. However, only the Istanbul Wildcats remain as representatives for the TCL, and they are facing one of the strongest contenders of this EMEA Masters: LDLC OL. The French Champions played flawlessly in the Spring LFL Playoffs, and while they finished second in Group C, they lost in the tiebreakers against UOLSE, so they are not to be taken lightly – especially Jesper “Jeskla” Strömberg gets Zeri.

Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition vs Movistar Riders

On Wednesday, the Academy team of former EU LCS favorites, Unicorns of Love will try to continue their great streak. UOLSE have managed to beat LDLC OL twice in the Group Stage, while making short work of Orbit Anonymo and eSuba. Even though the whole team got rebuilt at the start of the year, the Unicorns are looking strong, with versatile picks to answer any of the incoming threats. This, alongside with Movistar Riders not having the best time so far puts them in a favourable position. While the Riders have finished the LVP SuperLiga with flying colours, they barely got out of their group, as French team Aegis and Turkish squad FUT Esports were right behind them – will they be able to stand up, and face the competition again?

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EMEA Masters Spring 2023 Quarterfinals The Lineup Photo of Los Heretics

Team GO vs Los Heretics

Last, but most definitely not least is the Team GO vs Los Heretics clash, which puts Hungarian jungler Subicz “bluerzor” Dániel and his teammates to the ultimate test. While Team GO “only” finished second in the French LFL, they stepped their game up immensely in the EMEA Masters. While they dropped a game against Anorthosis Famagusta, the Greeks are out of the picture, and they only have to focus on the Spanish silver medalists. While Los Heretics are certainly a strong team with ex-G2 player Victor “Flakked” Lirola getting a Pentakill in the Group Stage, they are a bit predictable: the only tactic they showed so far was playing a slow early game while bluerzor tries to get either Flakked or Artur “Zwyroo” Trojan (but mostly Flakked) ahead, so one of them can carry the game in the later stages. While this works against most teams, Istanbul Wildcats have shown two times how to counter the strategy, and Team GO are certainly capable of doing so as well.

All in all, we have a very interesting couple of days ahead of us! Don’t forget to follow ESTNN for the Previews and Predictions of all of the EMEA Masters Spring Quarterfinals, and root for your team in the broadcasts!

EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Quarterfinals Matchups have been Drawn!
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