Elden Ring: How to Two-Hand Weapons

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Elden Ring: How to Two-Hand Weapons

FromSoftware’s new hit has just released, and it changed up some controls in order to fit the new one.

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After more than 3 years of waiting, the newest piece of FromSoftware’s lineup of unforgiving games has arrived, Elden Ring is here! It is the most ambitious title for the studio yet, taking the well known and loved dark fantasy formula of Dark Souls into an open world format, while implementing elements from Bloodborne, Sekiro and Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware’s other games.

Elden Ring's new kit

The plethora of new tools that Elden Ring provides us can turn the tides of battle. Such as jumping attacks to break enemy posture, or the new Summoning Systems; when we can use Spirits to aid us in battle. But with new features the developers had to move the controls around, and the new ones can be a bit tricky, especially if you miss the Tutorial cave at the beginning, which is not hard to walk by.

FromSoftware implemented the jump from Sekiro. Similar to that game, in Elden Ring, jump is bound to the A/X on a controller and the F key on the keyboard. That means that the Interact button is now bound to Y/Triangle/E key; which usually housed the option to hold your Right-Hand weapon in both hands. This not only provides more damage, but lowers the required Strength stat for the weapon. Two-Handing weapons are of course possible in Elden Ring. But you need to press more buttons — in exchange players can hold their left-hand weapon with both hands as well. In order to do that, you need to press the Interact button and the Right of Left bumper (R1/L1 – RB/LB) or the Left or Right click on mouse, and that’s it! You can deal more damage at the cost of using a shield or a staff.

Elden Ring has a vast world and a ton of content! so expect some tips and tricks regarding the newest FromSoftware game from ESTNN.

Elden Ring: How to Two-Hand Weapons
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