Elden Ring 9 Tips to Help You Explore the Lands Between

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Elden Ring 9 Tips to Help You Explore the Lands Between

Elden Ring can be a challenging game. These 9 Elden Ring tips will get you on the right track.

Once you reach the first step, the world of Elden Ring can easily overwhelm you. Here are a few tips that make adventuring a little smoother and help you as you adventure through the world.

Seek Discovery

First and foremost, If something in the distance looks somewhat interesting, chances are there is something hidden within it. Be it a staircase with treasure at the end, an optional boss to fight or a useful NPC. Make sure to explore ruins and camps thoroughly. There is always something hidden within. It's also important for you to head to high places and take a look around. This goes for nooks and crannies in rivers, lakes and mountain ranges. If something is just out-of-the-way enough, it should be worth your time.

Talk to Everyone

Since Elden Ring is many people's first FromSoftware game, quests can be a little hard to figure out. NPC's are notoriously cryptic with their dialog and usually won't spill the beans on what they actually want or what is going on. So make sure to talk with everyone until their dialog starts repeating itself. Also, make a habit of regularly checking in with NPC's whose questlines seem to be at a dead end. Some of these quests will progress once you hit a major point in the game's story or through the world. Like acquiring a Great Rune or simply entering a location. So make a habit out of marking NPC's on the map.

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Fellow Struggler

There will definitely be an instance, where you'll get stuck somewhere or on something. A path that might be barred, or a boss that is just too strong. But Elden Ring's open world will cover for that. If you struggle in one area, try looking for one adjacent to it or go the other way. The game has a great sense of non-linear progression, there is always something somewhere to discover. Even revisiting and exploring some Legacy Dungeons might reveal a new path.


While merchants usually don't have much to do with quests, we found that many of them carry unique wares. So make sure to mark them on your map as well. Some NPC merchants will even stock up their wares once you buy out their inventory, so be a generous spender. You should also always buy up any crafting recipe a merchant carries. Some of those recipes can be life savors in later areas.


Some of Elden Ring's best moments are the random things you'll run into. Sometimes it is as easy as picking a landmark far off in the distance and setting off. On the way there, you'll probably run into one or two other interesting sights. And don't let closed doors or high cliffs deter you either. As many roads lead to Rome there are usually also paths that will lead you to your destination. Sometimes it is as simple as a cave, tucked away in a cliffside.

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Divine Towers

Divine Towers are usually a standout throughout Elden Ring's world. All of them point towards the Erdtree and are usually tied to their respective Demigod's area. As soon as you've slain them, you should make it your top priority to head towards the corresponding one. Not only does activating Great Runes make you stronger, but those towers are also full of unique enemies, bosses and rewards. So make a habit of exploring them as soon as possible.

Minor Erdtrees and Little Erdtrees

Minor Erdtrees are usually pretty easy to spot. With their big, golden crowns they make up some of Elden Ring's more defined landmarks. They are also worth your trouble. Some of them might be harder to reach than others, but they always come with a reward or two. Often something for your Flask of Wondrous Physick. A potion you can mix to get some unique effects. The little Erdtrees on the other hand are a little harder to spot. But something golden in Elden Ring, usually promises something good. Little Erdtrees will usually have at least one seed scattered around them, these seeds are important for upgrading your flasks.

Elden Ring tips

Go to Church

A church usually contains some kind of upgrade, a merchant or an NPC. These are landmarks for a reason. If you spot one in the distance, make sure to at least mark them on your map. While some of them can be rather spooky to visits, sometimes even recurring visits can be worth your time.

It's Okay to Run

While Elden Ring is not afraid to kick your ass, you should not feel forced to bang your head against a wall. Some of the open-world bosses are really tough, so just come back later. That doesn't mean you can't give it a few tries. But usually, it's better to just mark them on your map and come back later. In other situations, it's totally reasonable to just sneak or run past enemies. Just steal the reward from right under their noses or get that Grace quickly. Despite the reputations of these games, you are not actually supposed to die over and over again to make progress.

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Elden Ring 9 Tips to Help You Explore the Lands Between
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