Easily Beat The Executive Level Mission: Starfield Guide

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Easily Beat The Executive Level Mission: Starfield Guide

Master the ins and outs of the Executive Level Mission in by influencing the board decisions, reaping rewards, and shaping Ryujin's destiny with our Starfield guide

Starfield is an expansive and thrilling universe filled with adventures, offering players the chance to join different factions, each with its own unique experiences. Among these options, Ryujin Industries stands out as an organization specializing in corporate espionage, making it an appealing choice for players intrigued by covert operations. This guide is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of the Executive Level quest within Ryujin Industries, providing a comprehensive and strategic approach to ensure your success in this coercive mission

Getting Started with Ryujin Industries

Beginning your journey with Ryujin Industries involves submitting a membership application in New Atlantis. However, it's vital to understand that the full privileges of Ryujin Industries membership become available as you progress deeper into the electrifying city of Neon. 

Easily Beat The Executive Level Mission: Starfield Guide

Before embarking on the Executive Level mission, it's crucial to confirm that you've met any prerequisites or completed essential missions required to unlock this pivotal chapter in your adventure

Executive Level Quest Overview

The Executive Level quest serves as the final mission of your covert operations for Ryujin Industries. Despite its relatively short duration, this mission holds substantial importance in shaping the corporation's future and the mysterious Neuroamp device. 

While in the boardroom, interacting with board members, you'll discover that this mission is not merely about choices but also about molding the destiny of Ryujin Industries.

Navigating the Board Meeting

Unique Board Members: The board meeting in the Executive Level mission introduces players to a cast of unique board members, each marked with distinct blue quest markers. These individuals are not mere placeholders; they are unique characters with their own captivating personalities, motivations, and opinions.

  • Ularu Chen: Ularu Chen, a prominent board member, holds strong views on the acquisition of Infinity LTD and the Neuroamp. She becomes a focal point if you have previously sided with her against Masako.
    • Votes: In favor of releasing the Neuroamp, against absorbing Infinity LTD. 
  • Linden Calderi: Linden Calderi, another influential board member, has his own stance on the Neuroamp and the acquisition of Infinity LTD, and players can attempt to sway his opinions.
    • Votes: In favor of releasing the Neuroamp, against absorbing Infinity LTD. 
  • Veera Karla: Veera Karla is an intriguing board member who supports the development of the Neuroamp and holds opinions on Infinity LTD. Her views can be influenced during the meeting.
    • Votes: In favor of releasing the Neuroamp, in favor of absorbing Infinity LTD. 
  • Alexis Pryce: Alexis Pryce has distinct perspectives on both the Neuroamp and Infinity LTD, and players can use persuasion tactics to change her stance during the meeting.
    • Votes: Against releasing the Neuroamp, against absorbing Infinity LTD. 
  • Dalton Fiennes: Dalton Fiennes has strong opinions on the Neuroamp and the acquisition of Infinity LTD. Engaging in dialogue can potentially shift his views on these crucial matters.
    • Votes: Against releasing the Neuroamp, abstains from voting on Infinity LTD. 
  • Genevieve Monohan: Genevieve Monohan, yet another board member, plays a significant role in the decisions concerning the Neuroamp and Infinity LTD. Players can employ manipulation to affect her decisions.
    • Votes: Against releasing the Neuroamp, in favor of absorbing Infinity LTD.

These board members are not passive observers; they are pivotal to the decision-making process within the boardroom. Engaging in conversations with each member is not just a formality; it's an opportunity to delve into their worldviews, fears, and desires, all of which can significantly influence the outcome of the meeting.

  • Voting Outcomes: After engaging with the board members, proceed to the conference room and take your designated chair. Here, two separate votes will take place. Your prior interactions and influence will play a crucial role in the outcomes of these votes. 
  • Ularu Chen's Fate: If Ularu Chen is still alive, she will be exposed after presenting the evidence. This will lead to her being fired from the corporation, and you can respond with any dialogue option.

MissionDecisions and Rewards

Within the Executive Level quest, you'll confront two pivotal decisions, each carrying substantial weight in shaping your journey. Your first decision revolves around whether Ryujin Industries should acquire Infinity LTD, a choice that delves into ethical and moral considerations. However, it's crucial to understand that this decision, while meaningful in its implications, does not substantially alter the course of your adventure or affect gameplay outcomes.

The second crucial decision revolves around the Neuroamp, a groundbreaking technology that, to be honest, doesn't significantly affect the game world's course. This choice might raise some moral questions but, in practical terms, it doesn't dramatically alter how your character experiences the intricacies of the Starfield universe.

These choices does not influence the direction of your narrative directly, but provides you substantial rewards you can receive upon completing the Executive Level Mission:

  • Credits: Depending on your decisions, you will be rewarded with a significant amount of credits, enhancing your financial resources within the game. 
  • Experience Points: Completing this quest grants you valuable experience points, aiding your character's progression and capabilities. 
  • Valuable Items: Your choices may also yield valuable items such as Digipicks, Hippolyta gear, and CQB-X equipment, further enriching your inventory and enhancing your abilities.

These rewards are a testament to your decisions and their impact on the game's outcome, ensuring that your journey is not only morally intricate but also materially rewarding.

The Aftermath: Your Personal Office

Meeting Imogene Salzo: If Imogene Salzo is still alive (was not killed in the Guilty Parties quest), you can optionally meet her on the Operations Floor. During the conversation, she will thank you for your help in clearing her name, cementing your alliance.

As a testament to your contributions, you will learn that you now have a private office in the Ryujin skyscraper. This private sanctum serves as a sanctuary amidst the bustling world of espionage.

Exploring Your Office

Visiting your private office is a new activity, easily accessible by tracking it in your journal. Within this space, you'll discover valuable amenities that enhance your gameplay experience. These additions to your narrative experience extend beyond the boardroom, enriching your journey within the Starfield universe.

Ryujin Industries Message Board

Interact with this board to receive randomly generated quests for Ryujin Industries. These missions may include tasks such as hacking computers, planting evidence, or other covert activities, further immersing you in the world of espionage.

Safe with Valuables

Look around the office for a safe filled with loot, digipicks, consumables, and other valuable items. These resources can prove invaluable in your ongoing adventures.

Weapon Rack

An essential feature for any operative, your office boasts a weapon rack. Here, you can access and modify your arsenal, ensuring that you are well-equipped for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Completing the Executive Level Mission

Executive Level Mission
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The Executive Level quest in Starfield is a pivotal chapter where your choices shape Ryujin Industries' future and the Neuroamp technology. Your rewards mirror your decisions. Beyond the boardroom, meeting Imogene Salzo and discovering your private office enriches your adventure. This misison is part of your cosmic journey, full of twists and challenges. May your choices craft an unforgettable narrative among the stars.


Easily Beat The Executive Level Mission: Starfield Guide
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