Easiest Dragon’s Dogma 2 Seeker’s Token Locations

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Easiest Dragon’s Dogma 2 Seeker’s Token Locations

Since Dragon's Dogma 2 is an action RPG, there will be many things in the game world that will need to be discovered. One of these things is the Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Tokens. These items are found practically everywhere in the game world and can be collected to then purchase things. Let's see together what these items are in detail and how to spend them.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Token Rewards

In Dragon's Dogma 2, there are 240 Seeker's Tokens. For the purposes of completing the game, however, it is not necessary to collect them all, so don't worry. Even the rewards you will get after a certain number are not so essential as to justify the effort of tracking down these items. However, having a certain amount is still important because it allows you to have access to things.

In order to have access to these items to exchange for Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Tokens, you will have to go to a Vocation Guild NPC or one of the NPCs found inside the inns. Talk to one of them and you can purchase the following things:

  • Ferrystone (1x Seeker's Token): A stone that can instantly spirit the user back to the location of a set portcrystal.
  • Ring of Vehemence (5x Seeker's Token): A ring imbued with power. The wearer's attacks are more likely to stagger and knock down foes.
  • Ring of Triumph (15x Seeker's Token): A ring imbued with power. Slightly boosts maximum health, maximum stamina, and the maximum amount of weight that the wearer can carry.
  • Dowsing Spikes (30x Seeker's Token): Daggers with hilts meant to recall snakes on the hunt. They emit a glow whenever treasure is near.
  • Twilight Star (50x Seeker's Token): A simple metal circlt. Adorned with a small jewel over the brow that resembles a faintly twinkling star.
  • Ring of Profusion (70x Seeker's Token): A ring imbued with power. Moderately increases the maximum amount of weight that the wearer can carry.
  • Champion's Mantle (90x Seeker's Token): A mantle that exudes self-asured majesty. Makes any triumph seem a foregone conclusion.
  • Eternal Bond (120x Seeker's Token): A ring that brims with mystic light. Grants the wearer a more companionable air. When offered as a gift, it deepens the bond between giver and reciever.
  • Charming Corset (150x Seeker's Token): A garment of thin cloth that hugs the wearer's frame, drawing tightly over the waist and hips to flattering effect.
  • Legion's Might (x180 Seeker's Token): A staff crowned with a small piece of an Arisen's heart. Pawns who equip it revive of their own accord when rendered immobile.
  • Ring of Endeavor (x220 Seeker's Token): A ring bearing a mysterious power that invigorates the spirit. Slightly boosts discipline gained from defeating foes.
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Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Token

Easiest Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Tokens Locations

Telling you the location of all 240 Seeker's Tokens is practically impossible, but we can still direct you to the easiest ones to find at the beginning of your adventure. Keep in mind that if you want to unlock all the trophies or achievements, you will have to find at least 80 of them, so you will have to dedicate quite a bit of time to this activity. In any case, let's see which ones are the easiest to find.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Tokens Melve Region

  • Dracanward Tower: At the top of the tower, on the same platform as the ballista.
  • Harpy's Nest: Go northwest from Melve. Find the Forgotten Riftstone, west of Beren’s Tent. Then go southeast. Climb up the rocks to a small flat area near the top. There are harpies nests and simple wooden buildings. Deal with any goblins or harpies you find. Search the nest on top of the rock in the middle of the camp to get a Seeker’s Token.
  • Riftstone of Potential: There’s a Seeker’s Token inside a nearby abandoned building, on an old crate.
  • Waterfall Cave: Go northeast along the road to Borderland Campground. Climb the rock-face to reach the river. The entrance to Waterfall Cave is across the river. The first token is in a narrow passage with a chest. Smash a boulder to find the token hidden behind it. Watch out for the chimera inside the cave or prepare to defeat it. There’s another Seeker’s Token on the second floor of the cave. Find a destructible wall and break through to get the token on the other side.
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Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Tokens Vernworth Region

  • Merchant's Quarter: Behind the broken dragon's head statue in the fountain.
  • Northwest Exit: Around the base of an old statue outside the exit.
  • River Bank: Near the cliffs at the water's edge.
  • Riverside Ruins Riftstone: On top of the ruins.
  • Ruined Settlement: You can find it on the ground in the abandoned building.
  • The Gracious Hand's Vaults: Complete the “Caged Magistrate” quest and you can find a token while completing the dungeon. You can find it on the second floor of the dungeon, in a square room you can climb up into. The token is behind the northwest pillar.
Easiest Dragon’s Dogma 2 Seeker’s Token Locations
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