Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide in Genshin Impact

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Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide in Genshin Impact

Let’s take a look at the easiest crystal core locations in Genshin Impact so that your farming journey is a hassle-free one, requiring low time and effort

With its availability across multiple platforms, Genshin Impact’s player base is rapidly increasing every day even after three years and new players find themselves in the fascinating land of Tevyat, with many challenges awaiting them. With Tevyat being so vast, it is easy to get lost in the immense landscape and be overwhelmed by the multitude of resources required.

One such resource material is the Crystal Core, which is very important in the game whether you are a newbie or e veteran. This is one item that you should be using every day, a key to unlocking the full potential of your characters. However, given these cores are collected by catching Crystalflies which can be quite swift, farming Crystal Cores can feel a lot like a chore. This article will discuss the easiest locations so you can efficiently farm these items and progress through your adventure in Teyvat.

Crystal Core Locations

While Crystal Cores are scattered across the map, some locations offer a more straightforward and time-efficient way to farm them, especially when you're on the run and want to quickly log off after depleting your resins. Here are some of the best spots.


Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide - Genshin Impact

Credit: HoYoLAB Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Monstadt is the first region that new players unlock and therefore, this particular area is especially recommended for the newbies. Teleport to the Statue of Seven at Windwail Highland and find a group of Anemo Crystalflies around the statue. Be very careful and make sure to not interact with the statue as this will open up another screen and the flies will be long gone. Proceed a little further and you shall find another pack of flies.

Glide down towards Dawn Winery and you will find more in the bushes around Diluc’s mansion. Along the route leading towards the beach and the domain, you will find a couple flying around. Using this route, you can easily farm a good 15-20 Crystal Cores.


Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide - Genshin Impact

Credit: HoYoLAB Genshin Impact Interactive Map

The landscape of Liyue is considered one of the most difficult to navigate through, due to its high mountainous rocky plains. If you spot Geo Crystalflies, a likely outcome is that they will escape into the vast sky very quickly from these high grounds.

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While you may not be able to catch all of them, This spot is particularly advantageous because it doesn't require extensive travel or climbing. Just teleport to the domain of Gunyun Stone Forest, and you will see a handful of Crystal flies around the entrance. It will take a little under a minute and if you manage to catch most of them, this is a fruitful location for quick collection.


Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide - Genshin Impact

Credit: HoYoLAB Genshin Impact Interactive Map

This location isn’t just an easy one but also comes with a breathtaking view. This may take some time as you need to glide down from a very high ground but in the end, you will have collected a bunch while enjoying a beautiful scenario in the thunder-stricken area.

Teleport to the waypoint under the boss Thunder Manifestation, then jump and glide towards the island south of the teleport. You will find a swarm of Electro Crystalflies amidst some amethyst lumps. You can use characters like Amber or Venti to increase your gliding speed and make the process a little faster.


Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide - Genshin Impact

Credit: HoYoLAB Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Vanara is one of the regions in Sumeru which has a good amount of Dendro Crystalflies. While they are not exactly densely packed, they are scattered in such a way that would only require you to take one route and you will end up with many!

Teleport to the southern teleport waypoint and set your course towards the north. You can easily detect the flies on your way. Just make sure to manage your stamina as you climb through the hills in the rainforest of Sumeru.


Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide - Genshin Impact

Credit: HoYoLAB Genshin Impact Interactive Map

With the release of Fontaine in mid-2023, farming Crystal Cores has gotten much easier as you can find an abundant amount of Hydro Crystalflies underwater. As you can move upwards more easily, even if the Crystalflies fly away, you can easily catch up with them.

You will see a teleport waypoint underwater, just above Beryl Region. Around the teleport waypoint, you will find two densely packed groups of Crystalflies. One towards the west inside an underwater building and another towards the south, nestled in a stone structure.

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Items That Require Crystal Core

Condensed Resin

This item requires 1 Crystal Core, 40 Original Resin, and 100 Mora. This is why you have to use a number of Crystal Cores every day. Condensed Resins are used to receive twice the rewards at once from Ley Line Blossoms, Ley Line Outcrops, or Petrified Trees in Domains. The materials received from these are crucial for raising your characters and progressing in the game. Regular use of Condensed Resins is a strategic choice for efficient resource management.

Adepti Seeker’s Stove

A consumable gadget obtained through forging, this requires 2 Crystal Cores, 1 Flaming Essential Oil, 2 Iron Chunks, and 500 Mora. The Adepti Seeker’s Stove is highly convenient for adventurers, as it allows you to set up a temporary cooking spot anywhere during your journey, with a cooldown of 300 seconds. It's particularly useful when you're in dire need of cooking food and there are no cooking spots in sight.


Crystal Core is required to craft Dendrocide Potion, Frostshield Potion, as well as Wind Barrier Potion. Upon drinking the potions, players gain elemental resistance to Dendro, Cryo, and Anemo damage respectively. They offer a defensive edge in open-world battles, helping new players to better tackle the enemies as they begin to understand the game mechanics.

Characters For Farming Crystal Cores

You can make your farming journey for Crystal Cores much easier by choosing the right characters. Both Sayu and YaoYao have a passive that would allow your party members to approach Crystalflies without startling them. Besides this, we recommend using characters like Amber, Candace, and Razor, with passives that can decrease stamina consumption. Using two Anemo characters in your party will prove to be great due to elemental resonance, decreasing stamina consumption by 15% and increasing movement speed by 10%.

You can also use the new gadget from Fontaine but it only gives you 15 crystal cores while making you wait for a week. It’s better to get actively farming, now that you know these convenient locations for Crystal Cores from this guide! Remember to deplete your original resin and craft condensed ones every day to farm materials such as talent books, artifacts, etc. These are the base of a strong character build and that is exactly what you need to dominate the monsters of Tevyat. For more informative guides, check out ESTNN!

Easiest Crystal Core Locations Guide in Genshin Impact
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