EA FC Mobile Beta Possible Release Date Revealed

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EA FC Mobile Beta Possible Release Date Revealed

The latest batch of EA FC 24 leaks have hinted toward a possible EA FC Mobile Beta release date

As soon as EA Sports FC Mobile was formally unveiled during the EA Sports FC release announcement, the entire FIFA Mobile community eagerly gathered, anticipating updates on the ongoing FIFA Mobile season reset and the impending launch of EA Sports FC Mobile. Leaks have hinted that the EA Sports FC Mobile beta is just around the corner and could be released anytime soon.

EA FC Mobile Beta Release Date: When Is It Coming Out? 

Leaks circulating on Twitter suggest that the beta testing app for EA Sports FC Mobile has been recently added to Google Play and is slated to go live soon, possibly in August. Early access to the Beta version of EA Sports FC Mobile is expected to be granted to individuals who participated in the betas for FIFA Mobile 22.

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EA FC Mobile Will Be Part Of The EA FC 24 Ecosystem

EA FC Mobile Beta Possible Release Date Revealed

Credit: EA

At the event where the EA Sports FC 24 trailer was showcased, EA disclosed a lineup of prospective games that could establish an exclusive EA Sports FC gaming environment. Headlining the mobile gaming portfolio are EA Sports FC Mobile, the revamped season update edition of FIFA Mobile, and EA Sports FC Tactical, alongside other titles currently in development.

EA Sports FC Mobile's latest offering is designed to uphold its legacy of offering a complete and authentic gaming experience, replicating the essence of the real sport. The game will feature realistic iterations of the best football players around the world from top-tier clubs and international teams. 

EA Sports FC's licensing portfolio is truly exceptional, boasting a rich assortment of over 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 venues, and 30 leagues. Significantly, this extraordinary range features fully licensed football leagues. Prestigious UEFA tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League are also available. 

FIFA competitions, however, will no longer be available going forward since EA Sports and FIFA will walk their separate ways after FIFA 23 runs its course. That means, there will be no FIFA Men’s World Cup and Women’s World Cup updates in future versions of the game. 

What About The Ongoing FIFA Mobile Season? 

While EA has made it clear in their official blog that the ongoing season is still in full swing, the launch of EA Sports FC Mobile is not scheduled for the immediate future. As per the blog, there is still a substantial amount of FIFA Mobile 23 content left for players to explore. Moreover, EA recently shared their upcoming roster of events for the game on social media. 

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From EA's announcement, it becomes evident that FIFA Mobile 23's possible concluding four events are lined up for the last week of July. These events consist of Retro Stars, Trophy Titans, an all-new group of Heroes, and the much-anticipated Preseason, intended to ease the transition from FIFA Mobile to EA Sports FC Mobile.

As Retro Stars takes center stage for a four-week run, it is plausible to consider the arrival of EA Sports FC Mobile in late September or early to mid-October, coinciding with the launch of EA Sports FC 24 on consoles.

For those interested in the beta version of EA Sports FC Mobile, it is expected to be accessible several weeks ahead of the official launch, approximately around mid to late August or early September.