EA FC 24: How To Celebrate Your Goals With The Griddy

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EA FC 24: How To Celebrate Your Goals With The Griddy

Get ready to bust a move on the virtual pitch of EA FC 24! Find out how to hit the Griddy to celebrate your goals in style

The wait is over for soccer gaming enthusiasts as EA FC 24, which is already offering early access, is set to drop on September 29, 2023, for all fans around the world. As the game's launch approaches, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the in-game celebrations, like The Griddy, that players will have at their disposal.

The Griddy made its debut in FIFA 23, and it seems like it's becoming a staple, as it's making a comeback in EA FC 24. Few celebrations have the power to unsettle opponents quite like this one, and it owes its origins to NFL star Allen Davis. Over time, this celebration has not only endured but has also gone through significant transformations. Initially gaining prominence in American sports, it soon transcended boundaries, finding a place in the global sports arena. Its cultural impact is evident in its crossover into popular video games, most notably Fortnite.

As the global release of EA FC 24 is near, allow us to guide you through the steps and show you how to flaunt your triumph over your opponents by doing the Griddy.

How To Do The Griddy In EA FC 24?

Mastering The Griddy in EA FC 24 is a surefire way to get under your opponent's skin and make your mark on the virtual pitch. To help you execute this celebration flawlessly, we've outlined the step-by-step process below. It's crucial, however, to remember that timing is everything; pulling it off too early in the game might come back to haunt you later.

The Griddy, EA FC 24

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  • When you find the back of the net, sprint away to start your celebration.
  • To perform this action on Xbox, keep RT pressed and double-flick the right analog stick upward.
  • PlayStation users need to press and hold R2, then flick the right analog stick upward twice in quick succession.
  • PC gamers can perform this action by holding the D button and then pressing both the right and left keys on their keyboard.

This particular style of celebration is featured in FC 24 Ultimate Team and FC 24 Clubs modes. As FC 24 early access is in full swing, prepare to see many players busting out this iconic move every time they score.

The Griddy celebration has found itself under the spotlight in the FIFA 23 community, and not all the attention has been positive. Critics argue that it has become overused and is sometimes associated with toxic behavior on the virtual soccer pitch. It's essential to look beyond these criticisms, however, and recognize that The Griddy is, at its core, a celebration designed to infuse fun and excitement into the gaming experience, whether you're facing off against opponents online or enjoying some friendly competition with friends in local play.



EA FC 24: How To Celebrate Your Goals With The Griddy
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