EA FC 24 Early Access: All You Need To Know

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EA FC 24 Early Access: All You Need To Know

Even though EA FC 24’s official release is less than a month away, find out how you can get EA FC 24 early access so that you can get in on the action even sooner

The imminent arrival of EA Sports FC 24 has gamers buzzing with excitement. Set to hit the shelves officially on September 28th, the title will usher in a new era in Electronic Arts’ soccer game series. Eager to dive into the excitement ahead of schedule? Check out how you can get EA FC 24 early access. 

EA FC 24 Early Access: All You Need To Know

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How To Get EA FC 24 Early Access?

You can get EA FC 24 early access through two different avenues:

EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition 

The Ultimate Edition offers a multitude of perks, notably a complete seven-day head start for the game. This holds a substantial advantage, particularly for Ultimate Team enthusiasts, enabling them to engage with the online mode during off-peak times when player activity is lower and the transfer market experiences reduced demand. By preloading the game on September 21st, it becomes ready to play as the clock strikes midnight on September 22nd.

What Other Benefits Can You Get On EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition?

EA FC 24 early access is not the only benefit EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition has to offer. It comes with a broad spectrum of privileges. Those who placed a preorder for the Ultimate Edition on or prior to August 22nd will find themselves in possession of a free UEFA Champions League Hero upon the full launch of FC 24. All other associated bonuses, nevertheless, will be accessible to players who acquire the Ultimate Edition at any point preceding its official release.

Here are the bonuses you get with the EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition:

  • Dual Entitlement – Current and previous generation versions of the game
  • 4600 FC Points
  • Five Star Coach Available For Hire in Manager Career Mode
  • Nike x EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Kit
  • Team of the Week One Ultimate Team Player Item
  • Nike Ultimate Team Campaign Loan Player Item for 24 Ultimate Team matches
  • Access to the Nike Ultimate Team Campaign
  • Ultimate Team Cover Star Loan Player Item for 10 Ultimate Team matches
  • Two Ambassador Loan Player Pick Items for Five Ultimate Team matches
  • Unlocked PlayStyles slot in Pro Clubs
  • Additional Player Personality Points in Player Career Mode

While the game's Ultimate Edition undoubtedly presents an array of extensive bonuses, the undisputed gem within is the entire week of advanced access. If you don’t want to splash the extra cash for the Ultimate Edition, however, there is another way to play the game before its official launch. 

EA Play

EA Play stands as an excellent option for players who are keen on accessing the game early while balancing their time commitments. Subscribers of EA Play will have the opportunity to enjoy 10 hours of early access to FC 24, an entire week before the official release date. These 10 hours are exclusively utilized during gameplay, enabling players to evenly distribute their allocation across the entire seven days leading up to the Standard Edition release.

Looking for an EA Play membership only for the added ten hours of EA FC 24 gameplay? Our recommendation is to cancel it come the end of September. By doing so, you'll only be billed for one month of EA Play.

EA Sports FC 24 Early Access: How To Make The Most Out Of It?

EA Sports FC 24 early access will allow avid FIFA players a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Here are some strategies that you can contemplate taking advantage of to dominate the game: 

Spend Points and Buy Premium Players At A Discount

You can transfer points from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24. Remember, you will only be shown the option to transfer points once. If you somehow skip it, you can bid farewell to your FIFA 23 points for good, so keep an eye out for the pop-up. If you buy the Ultimate Edition, you will get 4600 additional points to set up your team. 

Once you've converted all the items from your packs into coins, it's time to allocate those funds toward securing standard meta players from the transfer market. Recognizable names like Martin Odegaard and Victor Osimhen often carry undervalued price points prior to the game's official release. Take advantage of these reduced prices to build a strong roster. 

Play, Play, and Play 

Another excellent way to optimize your early access to EA FC 24 is by focusing on playing a substantial number of matches. Concentrate on clinching victories in Division Rivals to unlock the utmost weekly rewards, and perhaps even venture into higher divisions for an extra layer of competition. You will be competing against a limited number of players early on, so it would be easier to get higher ranks during the early access phase. 

EA FC 24 Early Access: All You Need To Know
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