DTG Post Fight Interview – MF DAZN: X Series 002

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DTG Post Fight Interview – MF DAZN: X Series 002

We spoke with DTG following his defeat to Halal Ham at MF DAZN: X Series 002.

DTG took on Halal Ham in what may be the most controversial fight of the night. We spoke to DTG following his loss and got some insight on his training, thoughts on the result and what's next for him.

What are your initial thoughts following that fight?

DTG: I mean, it was an interesting fight. I definitely shocked myself. I did better than I thought I would, if I’m being honest. I was confident getting into it, but you know, it's my first time doing it. So I was feeling a lot of different nerves, but I think I performed. I personally think the first round was mine. Second round, possibly a draw, it did get a bit scrappy. I did knock him down, I'm pretty sure. And the third round was evidently mine. I don't know how the hell these lot have said I’ve lost. But listen, I'm happy in myself. I'm proud of myself. My coaches are proud of me. My team is proud of me. I'm pretty sure my friends are proud of me. And everyone that was watching knows that I won that fight. So yeah, if there's a rematch, shout me, KSI, Mams, Misfits, DAZN, chat to me, we'll do this again. 

Can you sum up the whole week for me? What’s this experience been like?

DTG: It was interesting; it was different. Even being in Sheffield, I traveled across the UK all the time performing. You know, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, you name it. But Sheffield, first time being here. It's everyone’s time being here in my camp. So far it’s really good. You know, staying in a nice hotel. My first time doing these press conferences by the way and it was interesting, got a tiny bit heated. And yeah, fight nights just happened. It was mad. But hey, it was a good week and I'll definitely have to do this again.

Boxer, YouTuber, Artist, what’s next for DTG?

DTG: I'm definitely going to keep getting fit. I'm definitely gonna keep in the gym. As for actual boxing training, when I know that there's a fire coming up again, we'll get straight back into it. Until then, I'm going to rest for a little bit and just work on getting my fitness tip top ready for the next fight because I can't lie, I gassed out a bit today. I wasn't actually prepared for three three minute rounds. I realised they did say in the contract. But when I actually got the phone call, we said three two minute rounds and 12 ounce gloves. And it was actually 10 ounce gloves and three three minute rounds. I wasn't actually ready for that.

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